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I just purchased an item through using Paypal on my Paypal Mastercard. When I tried to return the item, with all the appropriate paperwork in hand, they refused to issue me anything other than a giftcard.

I asked them to refund it to the credit card that it was purchased on, and if they wouldn't do that to give me cash. I want to know how I am suppose to pay my bill since I purchased this item else where. They informed me repeatedly that this was their "policy" and that they couldn't help me. I will never shop Target again.

I understand when you don't have a receipt for an item, but when you have a legitimate receipt, how can they not refund it to the credit card it was purchased on. It was also returned well within their timeframe.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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If their return policies are so bad then don't shop there anymore. Better yet read their return policies online before you buy anything from them online. Quit whining, use the gift card and get over it you big baby.


I almost never shop at Target and if I shipped it back to them they should be able to credit my paypal account. Why can't target credt a paypal credit card??

I had it with me.

My budget does not provide for not having a refund to my paypal account/credit card. Believe me, I won't be buying from Target or using paypal in the future either.


If you don't like their return policies, stop buying and returning things. Target can not credit a PayPal card. Just use the gift card and get over it.

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