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Glad to hear target is not doing so well financially... tried to return an exchange electronic battleship because a button did not work.

my children lost the receipt and they would not even let me exchange the game.. it will only be walmart shopping from now on.. I tell everyone not to shop at target... if you are reading this please don't shop at target...

don't say you were not warned... I'm just hoping they go bankrupt... so I can have the last laugh please tell all your friends and family... do not shop target ..

do not show up target ........thanks for reading this. A disgruntled customer in florida

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I agree with James. Let's all boycott Target so that the company goes bankrupt and the thousands upon thousands of Taget employees lose their jobs.

Let's all pay for their unemployment while they look for new jobs and watch this country go into even more debt than it already is. What a wonderful idea!!!!

Dumb-***, grow up and get real!!!


Target is the worst company in the retail business. They do not honor their sales or their customers.

I, too, hope they go out of business.

A new company with sensible policies and customer service would be welcomed, but even without a new company, we can all do without the foolishness Target hands out!!

Either Target can clean up their act or go out of business. What good is that company doing employing people who are living on borrowed time?


though boycotting is a bit extreme target should change it's return policy. i recently spent $200 on a carpet cleaner..

and when i tried to exchange it for another of the same -within only days, because it smokes and stinks, i was told no.

i have to go to hoover with my warenty -ugh. a process


Let's all boycott Target! That way when they go under, hundreds of thousands of Americans can be out of a job!! :D :D :D *** retard.


*** filter...what's wrong with Chuck is an id io tic, du mb fu ck ing, retard?


I notice that Chuck is an ***. Seems rather typical.


I notice that Simon comments on all the Target posts. It seems rather odd.


Okay, the definition might not be correct, but you get the picture: pre teen. It worked!


Baby, child, ***, teenager, post-teen, adult, middle age, senior. Are those bad words, too? The word that keeps getting censored is another way of saying PREviously a TEENager.


Don't understand why the word "***" was turned into ***! when I submitted this comment.


No receipt, no returns. I've known that since I was a ***!

Can't believe people think they re above policy. Everyone wants to be the exception-"just this once", (said the last 100 customers). Stores have a right to protect themselves, especially from frivolous returns like "I didn't like the taste", or "I got the wrong thing".

I work in retail and see it everyday: people wanting the store to take responsibility for their mistake or bad decision. And remember: a receipt is a "proof of PURCHASE", and just because a store's brand is on it doesn't prove you PAID for it.


Target return policy: New, Unused and contain original packaging.

Guest Service will go beyond this and help in the ways we can and allowed. If you dont have a reciept, there are a couple of options.....1. We can look up the item with the credit card or check account that you used to purchase the item ( good for as long as the reciept would be valid)....2. we could use your ID, but $70 worth of items in a 12 month period only!!! (this will give last sales price and go on a gift card)

If we scan the item and it says "Item not found" this means that the item is no longer available in the story (clearenced out) and we are unable to do anything return/exchange wise without a reciept.


No receipt, no returns. You are not special or above policy.

And to Jose in Williamsburg, let us all know what your lawyer says about your case.


I agree with you on this. I tried to return a defective DS game for a refund and was basically accused by the customer service lady of having pirated the game and was not trying to get my money back for it.

Where's my lawyer. Target's return policy is horrible!


Target is doing very well financially. So well that they are expanding and contribute 3 million dollars a week to local communities.

Of course your receipt is required for return or exchange. You do not have a valid complaint.


That sounds like a very standard return policy. Let's face it, they don't know if you purchased the game there or at another store. They have no records of if that game was purchased one day or one month ago.

Requiring receipt is standard practice. If target goes bankrupt, tens of thousands of people will be out of work.

I realize you are upset, however you have nobody to blame but yourself for not keeping track of your receipt.

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