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I registered at Target for my baby shower. I received a play yard as a gift and just opened it to find it broken. I didn't open the box and assemble the play yard until now because my son is now 4 months old.

I went to Target today to replace it or give me a store credit. They wouldn't let me return it since it was past 90 days. It is on my registry!

I called the manufacturer today. I am fortunate that the manufacturer (L.A. Baby) is shipping me a play yard tomorrow without me having to return the broken one.

I'll never shop or register at Target. If I knew they had an unreasonable return policy, I wouldn't have registered with them.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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San Juan, Saint George, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines #4258

Wow, you know that returning those items to a store other than the one they came from is illegal, right? Fraud is a great example to set for your kids, huh?

Fraser, Michigan, United States #3404

I registered at Target for my baby registry, and at my shower I received 3 baby monitors, 2 diaper bags, and 2 bouncy chairs. I was so embarrassed that the Target registry had screwed up, especially because some of the shower gifts were from distant friends.

So, when I tried to return the items, I was informed that if they were over $20 without a receipt, they were unreturnable. Even though all the items were off the registry!

Needless to say I was p.o.'d. I luckily was able to return most of the items for store credit at Babies R Us (they are all perfectly new so I did not feel bad because I know that store can resell them).

As for the diaper bags, they are a Target exclusive, luckily $19.95 on the price tag. So when I went to return one, after showing my driver's license, the clerk only gave me $5 because they are now on "clearance"!

I told the clerk that I would have to shut down my Target registry because of the policy, she said, "O.K."

That's the last time I go to Target.

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