As a Target employee working in the stock room, there are a few things you need to know: Their stockroom is 'sometimes' air conditioned but not enough to prevent many of the candies from melting. The chips are tossed around causing them to break inside the bag.

Some of the bread is literally frozen. The 'free items' coupons you get in the mail is a 'bait' routine to get you into the store...they willingly only put out a few free items so that when you are there...you may as well shop. Notice there is no Target outlet?, the returned items are restocked and sold as new...they don't even tell you about it. If it costs cheap, it's made cheap...point blank.

Some employees are made and forced to work in sub-zero temp. freezers...even the digital devices they use will damage due to freezing.

Stock room employees are on a timer...if they don't do their job in a certain time, their jobs are threatened. Most workers get less than 29 hours a week...you can't survive on that and this is America.

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I'm a Target flow/backroom team member in Indiana, so I understand the kind of things you're talking about. It's true that the merchandise sometimes gets manhandled, but the employees are supposed to defect out broken products.

As a primarily flow member, we do not stock product that is broken or chips that are busted up. I don't believe Target is any different than any other retail store -- or really any other job. Every job has responsibilities and time limits, and during every job sometimes things get chaotic and you won't meet your goals regardless of how fast you work. The backrooms get congested when Flow can't or doesn't finish pushing truck product or there's too much backstock, but sometimes there's nothing you can do but leave it for the next day.

At our Target, working the freezer does suck, but coats/hats/gloves are provided and we're encourage to step out often to keep warm.

I'm just saying, it sounds like you had a bad day and are taking any kind of stab at Target. I get pretty *** close to 40-hr weeks and I haven't even been there a year, but that's because I'm cross-trained on several jobs and I work hard and stay late to finish things up.

Target is classified as a part-time job, just like almost all retail jobs -- you either get a second job or find ways to pull extra hours. I worked in a factory before my Target job and it was no different...


Currently I have applied to work at a Target, at least for the holidays. If it continued after, I would.

I applied for a stockroom position, as my last job, I was warehouse manager for an online retailer. Did interviews, and wasn't until Orientation that they told me what they hired me for... softlines/flow. I asked if I could switch to the stockroom, which I was better suited for, and they told me yes, I could.

A week later, and not having been called about a new schedule, I called in, and HR was busy. THey called me back the next day, and said I would have to interview again, and then it would be 2 weeks from that. I ok'd that. A few days later, they call me back, and ask if I can cover two shifts...

which turned out to be a cashier position.

I chose to not cover the shifts because 1) I have never cashiered before, and would prefer not to do so over the holidays for my first time, 2) this whole time, HR has been saying that they don't want to train someone in one area, and then have them switch to train in another area.

Why not actually look at someone's resume and see what they have been doing, and place them in related jobs in your store? (Currently waiting to hear back from the head of HR for our local store)


well then I'm sorry that working at Target isn't going well for you.


this is for "ihatestupidcustomers"

Iam a stockroom worker for Target myself, and if u knew more about"the store" he works in then he does, youd understand what he ment about the temp's were forced to work in, the "fresh" bread and other bakery items target sells in the "pfresh" section, is stocked in the sub zero freezer. And yes, the candy stored in the stock rooms could easily melt while still in the box waiting to be shelfed, temps in my store run very high in the back. and as for the times, the computer gives a time for u to complete a certian task, and if u cant complete the task in half of the alloted time, u will get in trouble......


you work at Target and I don't but I understand your store more than you do?? how is that the stockroom is only air conditioned, the candy melts but the bread is somehow frozen?

are you sure you aren't on crack while working? as for the coupons, of course they're trying to bring more customers in with those. it's not a scam because 1. the coupons are real and 2.

people that go there choose to buy more things, stores don't force them. and most stores do resell returned items IF they're in a good enough condition to resell.

they need to get some money back instead of letting every customer get their way with returns. you must be a crappy worker at your store or you're just a customer pretending that you work at Target just to make up some ***.


"I once designed a Target web-based game and tried to present it to the H.R. people...they couldn't care less about my creative skill..."

This is a level right?


All companies use coupons and fliers to get you to the store to buy more. What planet are you from?

You complain they get angry at you if you can't do your job on time. Don't work if you cannot do the job properly.


They tell you there is room for improvement...but they decide what that improvement is...not you. I once designed a Target web-based game and tried to present it to the H.R.

people...they couldn't care less about my creative skill...I was just a stock boy to them and that's all I could ever be unless I wanted to progress according to their control system. The warehouse many times gets so jammed with merchandise, they literally block off your work areas and safety areas...then when you tell them about it they look at you as if you lost your mind.

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