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I purchased a small Honeywell space heater from Target on 1/5/08. We took it out of the package and were about to plug it into the wall in our 3 yr old daughters room when we noticed the back of unit had burn marks all around it and some parts had melted.

What if we would not have caught this and plugged it into to wall?

Target repackaged , restocked and resold a item that had been involved in some type of electrical fire! For what 22.99?

This company sucks and I plan on letting anyone who cares to listen just how bad this could have turned out!

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San Juan, Saint George, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines #12814

Sorry, but I'm sure Target would rather eat the loss of a space heater that has to be damaged out than eat the loss of a lawsuit for knowingly reselling something defective. I understand why you would be alarmed and upset, but I think someone at the service desk was simply dishonest about their reasons for returning the item before you, and the employee was negligent in checking the box. Scary, but it happens.

Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, United States #7689

It was just carelessness/laziness on the service desks or whoever manages the returns fault. Every returned item is supposed to be checked before reaching the floor again and before you give a return.

Did they even look in the box? Maybe, maybe not.

Also damaged items are supposed to have a tag.

It probably wasn't to make money. There are lazy people in every type of store unfortunately.

Argusville, North Dakota, United States #6699

Use a little common sense before going off the deep end?

It's quite possible that it was returned by someone who ruined it and didn't bother to mention that to the service desk.

It's impossible to check every single boxed item that gets returned.

Branson, Missouri, United States #4313

I worked at Target too, and somebody should have scanned it out of the system as soon as they saw it and taken it to the back room to be disposed of and reported it to the manufacturer. Negligent at best.

Brea, California, United States #2264

Actually, i worked at Target and why would the employees knowingly put damaged merchandise back on the shelf?? We WOULDN'T!

we don't get paid any extra for making sales. Think about it. It was probably returned because it was damaged and another employee grabbed it off the counter thinking that is was supposed be put back out. It happens.

People aren't perfect.

So NO! Target doesn't knowingly stock items that have been on fire.

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