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I just got treated like a thief at the Target at Tyrone and Park. I had:

broken item

tag from broken item


the card with which I had made the purchase


In order to exchange the broken item for a non-broken one - they wanted surveillance video of me making the purchase.

It seems that the though the tag and the receipt both had the same barcode, the undercode inside the coin purse did not match the tag and the receipt. When I got an unbroken purse EXACTLY like the one I was exchanging, the undercode on the unbroken purse DID match the receipt and the tag. So the undercoding was wrong. Am I now required to check for proper undercoding on each item I purchase? These people humiliated me and I had done nothing wrong.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #189327

Trevor the person who wrote this letter also wrote about being arrested for shoplifting. She know if she wrote that people would reply to her letter.

She does not care if she gets negative responses or positive ones as long as she gets attention. Don't know if you realise but there is another poster who did the exact same thing. He/she used everyone's username and wrote disgusting comments about what they do in their spare time. Both are target trolls.

This is May I Help You Find Somethng. Only May I Help You Find something was caught in what they were doing so they gave a rest and are not doing the same thing with the username Artofhands. May I Help You Find Something did this for attention, got busted and is now using the name Artofyourhands. People started ignoring MIHYFS who has dozen of usernames and he stopped.

This is just attention seeking. That is why MIHYFS aka artofyourhands are posting under several usernames who have commented here.

Ignore the troll. Don't feed it.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #189325

"Who cares if it is getting crazy. You are an anomymous person here and even if you are a thief no one is going to know who you are or care."

Well basically you have the site figured out.

However I agree with others, the person that is posting under other usernames is the same person who wrote this letter. STOP, it just makes things more confusing. Use your own name.

Even if someone did impersonate you does not make it right for you. Two wrongs don't make a situation correct.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #189323

The only one using fake names here is the person who wrote this letter. I have a feeling that this is "May I Help You Find Something" Seriously you are just posting things to make your letter popular.

Everyone ignore this person. She is not a thief but just posted that *** about being a thief to get people riled up and to get them to reply to her letter. Then she posted pretending someone was using her username. She is the one using other people's names.

She just wants lots of replies on this letter so she posted the stuff about stealing from another Target because she knew how people would react then she posted under her real name pretending to be surprised at finding a post with her name. She is not a thief but is pretending that someone is accusing her of being one using her name, all to make her letter popular. If she wants attention to her reply she should not self stalk herself. :D This is not Junior High.

Don't give her the attention she need. Most likely this person is 15 years old.


I was able to create a duplicate username. I'm Kevin and I touch myself and I'm a liar.

You can do anything you want here. Use the name of that third grade teacher you hated and say that you like little children in inappropriate ways - anything you like!

And if you believe any of it you are ***.


Hi I'm Kevin. I'm a liar and I touch myself.

Do you GET it now?

Anyone can say anything here using YOUR name.

Why this matters is - I was goofball enough to use a username I've used elswhere. so - you know - dont' do that.


Hi I'm zachary1998 and I'm already taken - you don't even HAVE to use a real username. Put whatever you want in the NAME slot when you write a comment.


Hi - I'm Kevin and I'm already taken.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #189126

Who cares if it is getting crazy. You are an anomymous person here and even if you are a thief no one is going to know who you are or care.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #189125

You are lying. I tried using the name Artofhands it would not let me since Kevin was already taken.

Everyone try it yourself. Use your email to creat the same name as this person.

It says the name is already taken. Yes this person is both Artohands and retail mgr.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #189124

Okay I did steal, I did post under Artofhands but you are all too judgmental. I expected you to side with me and see that I made a mistake.

Moronns. qzm3000 did not post that I did.

retail mgr

As you can now see - you can create an account with any username you want - even one that is already in use. I'm am now writing as "retail mgr" but this is really the original writer of this complaint.

So beware - anyone with an email address can get on here and create an account using your same username and say anything they want "as you"

Retail mgr - I did, in fact, arrange for the lung transplant of a dying man. It's not cancer, but he was/is a good man and he is alive because of me.

AND - I am still not a thief.


I "artofhands" that says "I stole" is not the one who posted the orig complaint. I don't know how I was hacked but I was.

What kind of *** would say that about themselves? Thieves are loosers - which is why I was so appalled when I was treated as one. Which is why I posted the orig complaint!

Please moderator - delete this whole thing it's getting crazy!


No Target is not a loser you are Artofhands. The fact that you stole says a lot about your character.

You think you should have the red carpet at the other targets, get a life. You are the reason these stores have gotten so strict on the return policy's. LP is the reason stores have to get tough and strict on these returns.

People like you are always scamming and trying to beat the policy. Do something productive with you life, help a child who has cancer and is dying.


The second post here by ArtOfHands was not posted by me. I'm not sure how qmz3000 managed that - but you can tell by the posting times that qmz manufactured the "I stole" response as well as the "you are lucky"

I'm sorry to see that pissed customer can be so easily hacked. I look forward to finding a more legit site for sharing this kind of information.


You are lucky that they even allow you in their stores after you stole from them! Do you really blame them for questioning your claim after stealing?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #187734

Two months ago I was arrested for shoplifting at ANOTHER Target, and the *** security guard warned other stores about me. I did not steal this time.

Now because I stole from another store they are discriminating against me.

What a bunch of losers. I learned my lesson.

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