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I bought a 2 year "Replacement Warranty" when I purchased a Nintendo DS Lite for my grandson about a year ago. I bought the plan against my better judgement but I asked all of the right questions like what it covered, could I bring it to the store, etc...Anyway, so I take it to the store I bought it at and they give me the phone to call Nintendo,,,"WHAT"...of course they won't replace it they want me to send it in to them and they want to charge me $50 plus shipping because they are telling me without looking at it that there must have been physical damage to it (impressive I thought) I storm out of the Target and tell them I will never shop there again (and I won't) and I go home and call the Target Warranty center and this guy tells me that in the first year of the plan the item is actually covered by the Nintendo warranty but if I just wait a few days until the manufacture warranty is off I can call Target back and they will just send me a gift card in the amount of the purchase....which was of course BS as I just called them and they want me to shop it to Nintendo.

What a joke! The replacement plan was 15% of the cost of the item and they want me to pay to have it fixed....What is replacement about that?

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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See, this is why I shop at Wal*Mart. I also work for Wal*Mart.

We give you replacement plans that actually mean something. Target has no real idea what the *** they're doing.

And sir I'm sorry you had such a horride experience. If you go to your local Wal*Mart and explain what happened at Target and show them a competator price match, Wal*Mart will gladly honor any questions or concerns.

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I don't really have any experience with Target's policies but am familiar with Nintendo as I've had my son's 2 year old DS replaced several times through them. If your item is still in the 1 year warranty you can have it shipped to them at no cost & they will replace or fix it at no cost to you provided there's no obvious damage to it. It will also come with a new 1 year warranty from them & the turnaround time is like 2 days.

1st time I did this they fixed it, no cost to me. 2nd time it was just out of warranty but I called & asked about any discounts. They charged me shipping & gave me a discount. I got a new ds because my youngest dropped it off the balcony breaking the hinge. It cost me $60. I just had it replaced again a couple of months ago because it stopped turning on correctly.

You don't have to call Nintendo but go to their site & follow the steps for a send out repair. They'll email you the shipping label if you want or mail it to you. You'll need the numbers off of the ds because their system can automatically tell when it was purchased & if still under warranty. I LOVE their policy. Where else can you buy something that breaks, have it replaced, & get a new 1 year warranty out of it. Good luck!

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