12-02-2010 I bought a 2 yr replacement plan for a Flip recorder i purchased last year. The recoerder froze adn woudl not allow any functions to operate.

I called the Extended Service Plan people and they wanted to send a Gift Card out for the price I paid. I cannot REPLACE the Flip for what they want to send me in a Gift Card.

The exact model is not availabel so asked for the next closest match. They wanted me to pay the difference. Hardly a replacement

I told them I bought a Flip and a Flip as a replacement is what I want. I didn't buy a gift card replacement plan.

I emailed the CEO, attached a read-receipt and he opened the email. I havent heard back yet.

Do not buy this Replacement Plan.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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These plans are underwritten by Asurion. Read the T's and C's.

The ONLY thing it covers is the battery and bad pixels. They will replace up to one (1) battery for the two years. The sales guy told us it covered broken iPod screens, water damage etc.

However, it specifically states that Accidental Damage is EXCLUDED. I returned the Service Plan and went online to Square Trade and get a MUCH more inclusive warranty.


I loved the replacement plan! My son's XBOX 360 no longer had audio.

I went online, processed the claim. They sent me a shipping label which allowed me to ship the Xbox back FREE of charge. Within 6 or 7 days of them receiving it, I had a gift card to replace it. What more could you ask for.

When you purchase an extended warranty, YOU are responsible for understanding what you're getting. Don't go back and then blame them for your ignorance.


Target replacment service is the most *** up plan I have ever delt with... and until my dying day I can promise you niether my family or friends shall ever purchase another product or plan from you agian.....go to sams they are much friendier and eiasier to deal with.


You need to read your paperwork. If your item breaks, they are not obligated to pay you more than you paid for the phone.

They basically refunded your money.

So it's like you got to use a Flip recorder for over a year for free.

That sounds like a great deal for you. You have nothing to complain about.

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