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We got our GPS from target we bought the 2year replacement plan and it's been a year and they will not replace or refund our money for our GPS they said because when they asked how did it brake we told them. Then they asked what it was used for we told them everything from getting to here & there to find where our his job is and they said they can not replace our GPS because he used it for work now what is that about?If I buy it,does it matter what I use it for right?

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KL - good luck with your decision. You better think long and hard before you decide, though.

Once you buy it at Target, you are on your own. Best of luck with your choice.


I want to purchase Target Replacement Plan but kind of hesitating coz of the reviews here and other site. Does anyone know if you have to pay for shipping the defective product for repair?

Also, for JfromD, you should have tried returning it at a different Target.

Honestly, most workers there and at Wal-Mart are incompetent. Always get electronics at a real Electronic store, like Best Buy.


The Target Replacement plan is covered by a 3rd party company, so in the event of product failure you need to contact the extended service provider listed on the sticker inside your plan. Although the team members should be well versed on the coverage of the plan, this is not always the case, so be sure to ask specifically what is covered.

If you have any doubt, open the plan and read the terms before opening. Also, the extended warranty really takes effect after the 90 day in store warranty (although it does expire 2 years from date of purchase).

Inside that 90 day period, return it in-store. I have never had problems with warranty coverage provided by the plans.


I purchased a camaera in store was told through the replacement plan I will be send a card in 3 weeks. I think they are scam people to buy their plan.


If you use it for commercial use it voids the replacement plan. It says so on the policy.


I received a GPS from Target for my birthday. It has been four days and the suction cup on the device has already failed causing a crack in the screen.

Now, the touch screen does not work properly. I didn't think it was a big deal since I had the replacement plan, but much to my chagrin, they told me they would not replace it when i went to the store. I followed the directions that came with the device to the letter. It is not my fault it broke, it is obviously a defective device.

What is the point of having a replacement plan if you don't honor it? A scam perhaps? I am so upset with Target that I may never shop there again.The GPS was $100 and the warranty was $20. For $120 it should last longer than 4 days and if something happens you should be able to get a new one.

I am very disapointed with the poor (and rude) service I received at Target, and with the poor value of both the product and the replacement service. ***, Target.


If you bought the replacement plan, you should have gotten a copy of the plan in writing, if you did not, ask for it next time you are in the store. It may be a valid thing.

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