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Beware of registering with Target. My best friend is having a baby and registered at Target for her baby shower, so I went in to the store to purchase her gift.

I made sure the cashier scanned her registry, and my mother who had gone shopping with me, forgot to have her purchase scanned, so we went to customer service to make sure that our gifts were marked off the registry. You can imagine my shock when I went to her online registry a few days later to see that everything on her list was still showing not purchased. At the baby shower this weekend she received duplicate, sometimes triplicate, items.

Now she has to go and return items, an unnecessary hassle for a mother to be.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

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(eye roll)

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #438324

IT is not, besides this is making her want to start drinking. If her baby turns out deformed or retarded is is because of this and she will be suing Target for making her drink in the first place. Imagine Target putting a mother at risk of drinking an having her baby deformed and born retarded.


Are you kidding me? Tis complaint is absolutely ridiculous.

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