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I tried the new Target grocery and bought five assorted small items. Two of them rang up higher on the register than the price on the shelf and/of the item.

One was a package of Kraft Single Cheese Slices (284110115) which had a $2.49 label on the item but a "temporary price reduction" to $2.25 on the shelf but rang up at $3.24! The other was a package of Quaker Instant Oatmeal (231140046) which had a shelf price of $3.99 but which rang up at $4.79! Both were corrected at the Guest Service counter but after waiting in line and for someone check the prices on the shelf. I think that 2 out of 5 incorrectly priced items is not a good percentage (40%) of errors.

How many other items were incorrectly priced?

How many people did not closely check their receipts for such mistakes?

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Thanks for clarifying that it was your extra VALUABLE time and not another person's (not valuable?) time. It is hard to take you seriously when you have the need to point out and emphasize *** things.


This happened to me also - I had to spend extra time (MY VALUABLE TIME!!) getting it straightened out. Shouldn't happen.

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