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I purchased a Service Plan from Target on a GPS. Now that it is year into a 3 year plan they will not uphold what they told me. I was told that if anything happened that all I had to do is bring it back in and they would replace it with the same or better. There were 2 of us there and we both clearly remember what was said.

The store now told me I have to call Target Customer Service which I did. They will not let me return it as I was told and I have to wait 2 days to get a UPS return tag e-mailed to me. I then have to ship it to them and they said it would take 2 weeks to get back to me to tell me what they are going to do.

I travel for work every week and now because Target will not live up to what they sold me I am without one.

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Duped again. He said/she said is a lose-lose proposition.

Your 3-year plan is a service plan that pays for shipping to fix it - as long as it's NOT damaged. Might as well call the number and use it.

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