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I went to Target to purchase 4 metal bar stools. I noticed one was defective and told the sales person I did not want that one. He loaded them on a cart while I was on my cell phone arranging for my husband to pick them up at the front of the store.

He (in fact did give me the defective one), goes to check out and then loads them in our vehicle. We had them put into storage until we needed them.

Upon discovering the defective bar stool, I returned it with my receipt but Target would not exchange it since it had been over 90 days. The person in the store had me call the Target customer service number and the "lady" on the phone was extremely rude. This item is still available on the Target website. I do not appreciate their extreme policies.

Review about: Target Website.

Monetary Loss: $62.

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“I bought a one touch can opener also. Not from Target.

We could not get ours to "***" into ANY I'm out the $18 because I don't have the receipt anymore.”

Thank you for pointing out that as a retailer Target relies on vendors for merchandise, which is often available from other retailers. Clearly the product is to blame and most likely is being removed from stores and redesigned. Once again we have an example of a retailer requiring a receipt for exchange, this time not Target, and as buyer you have not kept it safe. Isn’t there a simple lesson in your story?

Keep the receipt! Keep it safe!


I bought a one touch can opener also. Not from Target. We could not get ours to "***" into ANY I'm out the $18 because I don't have the receipt anymore.

Furnas, Azores, Portugal #51056

I bought a "One Touch" can opener from was missing the instructions I thought they were folded down inside the plastic case they weren't..I put the batteries in and it sounded sickly so I figured old I put fresh batteries in and it worked fine for about 4 weeks, (I only use the can opener maybe 2 or 3 times a week) then it began sounding sickly again I found the original packaging and it was then I noticed the package had been put back together with staples and tape..then it hit me I bought a defective "one touch" Target had repackaged and sold to me as new..I contacted customer service explained how the "One Touch" was repackaged and sold as new when it was in fact sold to me defective..since I had the receipt as well as the original packaging they should make good on this faulty can opener and she refused even though I was only one day past the return date..they stole $22 from me by selling me a returned defective can opener as a new..wont happen again Target has lost my business, my next "One Touch' will come from CVS!


it took you more than 3 months to notice it was defective?! WTF!

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #31100

Why did you not return the bar stool right away if it was defective. Why wait for 90 days.

Wait I get it you are lying.

The stool was defected after 90 days and you were hoping to lie and say it was defected before. Something is fishy here.

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