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Recently traveled to New Orleans. Used a Target backpack with supposed TSA approved travel locks.

The locks were manufactured for Target under one of their house brands (e.g., Heartland, Archer Farms, etc...can't remember what their travel brand is offhand). The locks came with a guarantee of a full refund if they failed to perform as advertised. Upon return to my home airport, I noticed that the TSA at MSY had cut the zippers from my backpack to inspect the bag. I contacted Target via and requested a refund for the locks.

The slick gentleman who responded to my e-mail initially acted as if he was going to be helpful. However, he was obviously some of a liability specialist and, after "researching" the matter, he quickly told me that I would have to submit a complaint to the manufacturer of the locks and not to Target. Again, the packaging for the locks indicates “made for Target Corp”.

It's not really that big of a deal for me since we are talking about $5 locks and a $25 backpack, but people, especially those contemplating higher priced items, should be forewarned about how Target handles the "guarantee" of its products, which is to say that they don't.

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Target does not have a store brand for locks. Archer Farms if the brand of some of their consumable products... Heartland is not a Target brand either.

Chiriqui, Chiriqui, Panama #13721

I think you should be worried about the TSA more than Target. The TSA should not be cutting open bags or luggage.

They have xray for that. They do not have the right to do that.

I'm sure they were just looking for an ipod or camera to steal. you should have complained to the police or the TSA manager or your local news.

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