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At the Okemos Target on Marsh Rd., I saw a toy box that was tagged at 5.99, when clearly it was supposed to be 59.99. I was pretty psyched, as the law here that aims to dissuade "bait and switch" would force them to sell the toy box to me at that price. I went up to the service desk, asked if they honored the pricing law, and was told Yes, we do. So, having verbal confirmation that they would honor the price (as many companies try to talk their way out of this LAW), I went back to the shelf and grabbed the mismarked box. Upon checkout, the cashier said he would need a managers' approval for such a large price adjustment. The young lady (maybe 25 years old) said she couldn't sell me the toy box at such a large discount. I told her it was the law, and I had a print out of it in my vehicle, if she'd like to see it. She said no, I know the law and it allows for human error. Thinking to myself, the law is in place to PREVENT human error, not to protect against it. I told her I worked retail for a long time, and knew precisely what the law did and did not say and it said nothing in there about "human error."

THEN: "Im not going to stand here and argue with you, I will not give you that price. If you want customer relations' number, Ill get it."

Wow. Rude, arrogant, and ILLEGAL. It wasn't that I needed the toy box, just that, hey, as long as there's a law that says I can have that thing for what the price tag says, sure, Ill capitalize on it... Ive got two kids and a growing mass of toys, so for 6 bucks, sure. What I didn't expect was to be down talked to and bitched at, embarrassed, in front of all the other customers in the store, the cashier and the his supervisor. Customer relations, btw, did NOTHING to correct the situation, said they'd make a note of it and hope it didn't happen again. WHERE THE HECKS MY TOY BOX??? That'd be fair, I think!

Monetary Loss: $59.

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You're completely wrong! I work in retail and can't stand dealing with people like you!

By you own admission, it was an error. Now you may have an argument that it would be good customer service to honor the price if it truly (or even possibly) was the company's fault. However, there is no law that requires this.

The retailer is not liable for an error, you would have to prove that they intentionally priced the item wrong.

Many retailers will in the name of customer service honor a price if they really made a mistake, but they don't have to. If you don't like the price, you as a customer have the right to refuse to buy the item.


It's people like you that make working in retail ***.


You actually thought that you were going to get a 59.99 toy box for 5.99??? You are a ***.

And the law isn't to prevent human error, it is to prevent intentional deceptive pricing, which is why there is a caveat for human error.

For supposedly having a copy of the law and also working in retail, you neither know the law nor do you know its intentions. Way to come off like an ***.


sounds like a proffesional ticket switcher...probably redneck and inbred, lives in some trailer and on govt assistance

Palo Alto, California, United States #251147

The law which you reference pertains to advertised price. An incorrectly labeled item in store does not fall under that category. Let's face it, not unlike yourself some customers are bottom feeders. They will switch tags, remove prices and try to obfuscate correct pricing in an attempt to *** the store. Had this have item been in a flyer, it may be another story, but it was not. It was marked with the incorrect tag.

You knew it was incorrectly marked. Even if it was correctly marked they are under no obligation to sell you anything.

Quit complaining that you tried to *** the store (which judging by you toting around a print out of a law you are applying out of context, you do often)and they didn't fall for it.


It's trash like you that stores have to jack up prices. Get a job D O U C H E.

You carry a print out of a specific law in your car?

You're one of those person who goes from store to store and switch price tags so that you can rip the stores off. D I C K.

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #250863

unbelievable, now Target is threatening to charge me with fraud because I removed one of the numbers from the price tag in hopes of getting it for 5.99. They reviewed the tape and saw me telling my 11 year old daughter to remove the tag and are threatening to press charges against me when I did not commit the crime.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #249823

what i find hard to believe is that you drive around with a print-out of that particular law in your car...if i was a manager in that store it would be a red flag to me. having worked in retail years ago that would reek as a serial tag-switcher in my book.

do you see where i am coming from?

this complaint is really not credible at all. better think it over, because this really casts a bad light on you, rather than the store.

Pissed Target Cashier

Rompydompy, you admit you knew the toy box was "clearly...supposed to be $59.99". You admitting that fact blows your bait and switch claim out the window. Case dismissed.

The pricing law is in place to prevent fraud, not human error. Target is not in the business of defrauding people. They obviously made a mistake. Deal with it, and move on with your life.

If you passed by a car dealership and saw the posted price on a new car at $2999, when it's supposed to be $29,999 (they obviously forgot to add the extra 9), by your logic, you should get the car at $2999. Try that trick there, and you'll get laughed right out of the showroom.

You need to change your attitude, and stop being a freeloader.


So you were pretty psyched about ripping the store off and having prices increase for the rest of us? You, sir are a douchbag.

You're the type that gets your foot ran over and shows up to court in a neck-brace and wheelchair. You're always looking for something for nothing. The fact that you have a printout in your car says you scour stores looking for errors. A real bottom-feeding piece of trash.

A pricing error is a long, long way off of bait and switch. If they didn't advertise that price on TV or in print, where is the bait? Which different item did they try to sell you in it's place for the switch? Wait, you mean you have neither? That must mean you don't know what you're talking about.

Get a job and stop trying to mooch off of society. If you feel Wal-Mart broke the law, call one of your ambulance chasing lawyers you probably have on speed dial.

Peterborough, New Hampshire, United States #249308

you should have gone back to the customer service desk.


dude, if they're a *** for taking advantage of the law -and obviously you'd never do something so ***- and the businesses want to repeal it, then why do you care?


It's dopes like you that are giving businesses an excuse to have this law repealed - and it will be soon in Michigan. Thanks for nothing.

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