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I went to Target this morning to buy a wall mount for a flat screen tv and decided to look down the clearance aisle.I found a cute little throw I wanted but it was the only one there.

I pulled it down and took it to the price checker and it showed a price of $0.01. I knew that was wrong so I took it to the checkout and rang up there at $0.01 also. But it called for customer service. A manager came up and said that I couldn't buy it because it was a display and would be thrown away.

Now tell me...does that make sense? I'm willing to buy it, but they would rather throw it away.

I don't believe that they were going to throw it away at all.Sure did tarnish my opinion of Target.

Review about: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Price of coke products, Leaving.

I didn't like: No negotiating whatsoever, Manager.

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Also keep in mind that it was not I that wanted the throw pillow, it was my son.He started crying when they refused to sell it to us.

I don't need it anymore anymore since my son no longer lives with me. I got so angry at him for making a fuss over the pillow that I slapped him across the face and told him he had to walk home. I picked him up five or so minutes later after I calmed down. I found out that some busy body took him to the store and called the police on me.

Now I am being charged with child abuse and child abandonment and my son is in a foster home and I don't know when I will be allowed to see him again.I am only allowed supervised visits and have to take classes in parenting and anger management before I can see him and it is all thanks to Target.

to Sutaylo Denham Springs, Louisiana, United States #1283757

I realize that replying to this is just going to give you fodder for more nonsense, you sad little troll.But I can't help myself as this is really too good to be true.

I showed your post to my six-foot-three 275 pound EMT son and he thought it was both ridiculous and hilarious, and he extended an invitation for you to come talk to him on his turf so he can pick your tiny little brain and then effectively be the first medic on scene. I also shared it with my computer specialist son who is currently tracking down your location and information through your IP address. And I am watching and waiting for you to do something else. I have been watching you after you came after me...big mistake on your part, my sad little troll.

For I am a force to be reckoned with and I don't play. As far as the fictitious post about my being charged with child abuse over a throw pillow...you gave yourself away silly little troll, as the object was a THROW (read: blanket, lol). Nice try, though. But the life you are complicating is simply your own, and I am on the sideline waiting and watching for you to self-combust.

As a lot of us are. But I am being pro-active.

So please, by all means keep trying.I'm sure your parents are so proud.


Thank you Neutral.That does make me feel better.

And it does make sense. I knew the price was wrong, which is why I took it to the counter. I would have been quite happy paying whatever price it was. I know not purchasing it saved me some cash, and honestly I didn't need the throw, I just liked it.

My angst came from the manager saying they were going to throw it in the dumpster. It just didn't make any sense to me. But as this rolls on, I am learning more about this company and their practices.

That these products will be used to help out someone perhaps in need is really good.There's nothing wrong with helping the less fortunate.


It all has to do with agreements with the vendors.When vendors give credit for items to be used as display or credit for defective items that are not being sent back to the vendor they are required to destroy them.

Blame the vendors for the waste and not putting these things to better use.Usable displays and defects should be donated to organizations that can use them.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1281754

Not sure why you were at Target---perhaps to check out the little boys or girls in the bathrooms? Best to shop elsewhere, mate.

to h.kitchener Denham Springs, Louisiana, United States #1282011

h.kitchener, to insinuate that I would go to Target to check out children in the bathroom (I have never even seen the inside of a bathroom at Target) is more than a little insulting.If you had read the post, I purchased a wall mount for my son's TV.

But regardless of the nature of my other purchases, the discussion is about the inability to purchase an item, not some crude and extremely unnecessary comment about me trying to be some kind of predator.I wasn't aware that was the purpose of this forum, an I really don't appreciate my post being twisted in such a manner.

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