I shopped at Target in December. With the purchase I received an egift card. As a result of Tatget's negligence, my credit card was compromised. I resolved never to use a credit card or give Target personal information again.

I went to Tatget in February to ourchase an item with cash plus my eGift card. Target refused to honor it. They said that to spend my Target eGift card I had to open an account and give them more personal information!

After their negligence, I'm amazed that they would make me "purchase" my own money with personal information. This is unacceptable

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

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First of all, proofread. Second of all, it's not Target's fault they were compromised during the breach.

And yes, you do need to register the e-Gift card and then print it out or use your phone to let them scan the barcode. Not really sure what this opening an account thing is that you speak of.

Go to Wal-Mart next time. They appreciate people like you.

to Shayna D Corpus Christi, Texas, United States #800315

It is Target's fault. They had ample warnings of the breach and chose to do NOTHING about it.

Their system showed that it had been compromised and they completely disregarded it. Bloomberg did a major cover story on their incompetence.


why o why would you go back to this place to do anything??????????? chalk that egift card up as a DONATION TO THE RICH AND FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!Target CEO Steinhafel's pay rises to nearly $21 million

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