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Bought my first smart phone from Target. Sales person said I had up to 90 days to exchange it for a better model if the one I bought didn't work for me.

After about 60 days I couldn't load any more apps on it and decided to exchange it for a phone with more memory. Store said they would only exchange up to 45 days. Nothing on receipt said 45 days- just 90 days.

Lose a customer for life over not up selling via exchange a more expensive phone. These criminals are dumber than a box of rocks.

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alright then. is just me or does anonymous make you feel like you are being followed by a stalker with a split personality.

he or she or whatever gender that thing is, is nothing but a pathetic waste of space that is less capable of holding a normal conversation than a 2 year old kid would be.

I might be contributing hate to one website to people that deserve it. but all you contribute are comments full of weird creepiness.


To the original poster: it's not Target's fault you can't read the return policy or your receipt for that matter. On the receipt, beneath the product you purchased it says return by xx/xx/xx. Clearly you weren't paying enough attention to care.

:? Is that drums I hear playing offf in the distance?

:eek Why, no, it's the violins playing for "Hate"!! :( :( :(

Poor boy, all he can contribute to society is ...Hate!! :grin :grin :eek

Anonymous is a female with a husband.

To the OP. You can buy a bigger SD card and move your downloaded apps from your phone to your card to give you more room.

Jedi Knight Ethan

Anonymous are you married, if not I would like you to meet pissedconsumer29, she too is unmarried and you two will make a good couple as long as you don't decide to create a baby of your own.


anonymous, just shut the *** up already. you say the same thing every time and you get your panties wet every time.

the only difference is the name after you say Hey. as for the original poster, mistakes happen. I personally think 45 days is a pretty long return policy. I mean that's a month and a half for you try out a phone.

and you probably just kept downloading apps and couldn't figure out how to delete the ones that you didn't want. and you can buy a micro SD card for phones for more memory, just in case you didn't know.


It does say it on your receipt. Good talk.


You are dumber than a box of crayons if you are a regular shopper and don't know their return policy.


Hey Joe-

Thanks for taking your time to warn everyone about your experience at Target.

Target is infamous for their lack of concern for their customers.

Hopefully, with your warning and everyone else who post to this site, people will be VERY cautious about doing business with Target.

They truly don't understand what the "service" means in customer service.

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