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I purchased four Modern Stacking Chairs from Target for use with our dining room table. They arrived in February 2012.

In October 2012, my husband (who, at roughly 225 pounds, does not exceed the weight limit for the chair) leaned back in his chair after supper and it cracked at the point where the back joins the seat (the back and seat are all one piece). Target said chairs could only be returned within 90 days, and gave me a name and telephone number for the manufacturer. However, there was only an answering machine at that number, and no one returned my call. I also was unable to locate any company by that name on the Internet.

I called Target back, and they offered to try to contact the manufacturer for me. I asked them to do so. Several weeks went by, and I heard nothing from Target. I called again.

Again, they told me the chairs could not be returned.

I paid about $160 for the four chairs, and they only lasted six months. Target should be ashamed of itself for (1) selling really poor-quality furniture, (2) not standing behind the furniture they sell, and (3) really lame and unhelpful "customer service."

Monetary Loss: $160.

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Princeton, New Jersey, United States #584921

I called Target again to make sure I had the manufacturer's name with the correct spelling, and tried e-mailing the manufacturer. The manufacturer did not respond to the e-mail, either, and Target still refuses a refund of any kind.

I am just so disappointed. I thought Target was a good store, because they remit some money to the local school, but I'm not going to buy anything especially pricy from them ever again.

LogJam, You need to read the reviews on Target listed herein on this site. Target doesn't stand behind ANYTHING it sells.

Once you buy something from Target, it becomes your problem - period. There are no exceptions, conditions, explanations, or offers of helping you resolve ANY issue you have with a product they sold you.
Please read further throughout the many complaints listed about Target. They will NOT refund your money, they will not stand behind any product they sell, and they will NOT offer you any "customer service" or follow up care for your problem.

Target is an awful place to shop. I sincerely hope you can get at least a gift card for the amount of money you spend on your purchase, but I wouldn't hold my breath expecting to see any resolution.

You will be much better off and see your money go further (and last longer) if you shop at any other retailer than Target. Target is horrible - lessons learned!
:sigh :(

Well, thanks for your support, everyone. Since I cannot contact the manufacturer and don't even know if it is still in business, Target should stand behind what they sold.

I did not expect the chair to break, and did not keep any paperwork.

And, Joan, my husband did not lean back "hard" at all, he simply settled back in his chair, and it broke, loudly and abruptly. That's the point--it was obviously cheaply made and/or defectively, and I'm sure Target, which still sells this chair, knows it.


Why do you fell it is the retailers responsibility to stand behind the chair? THEY DIDN'T MAKE IT.

It is the responsibility of the MANUFACTURER of a product to stand behind it. What was the warranty that came with the chair?

Did you follow the directions for filing a claim if it was still under warranty? Take some responsibility and address the problem with the right party rather than blaming the wrong one.


According to what you posted, you paid about $40.00 for the chair that broke. What kind of quality do you expect when you buy furniture from a discount store?

Also your husband must have leaned back awfully hard, instead of just resting his back against the back of the chair.

All the discount stores have a 90 day return policy. You get what you pay for.

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