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Normally I read these "consumer report" postings online to find out if customers are making up stories and slandering companies just because... I guess until you have been swindled by a multi-million dolar company like "Target", you don't understand the frustration of these hardworking tax-payers like me.

Between Oct 26-27 I ordered a Halloween costume for my son on I called his mom with the news; she suggested that I return it because she had already got him one, with no hesitation I called customer service on the phone and cancel the order and "refund" my money right away. REGARDLESS... Few days later I received an email about a "Shipment" from Target including a Tracking number of an item being shipped via "UPS". I called UPS to cancel the deliver I was told that it was impossible; that I must wait until the item is delivered and not accept it. I agreed, I left instrusctions with front desk where I live to reject any UPS shipment for me from Target. I came home 12AM from work on the day of delivery and received a package. This package somehow was delivered by United State Postal Service(USPS) now instead of "UPS"

I call Target in the morning they apologize and send me a "Return Label" via my email, so I print it and shipped the item back to them via UPS.

On 11/14/15 at 1:15PM I received an email denying my "Refund" the email stated that my item looked worned or used and that I would not be receiving a refund which is totally bogus because "the item was never touched or open"

I called in again; I end up wasting wasted 4/5 hours of my time speaking with 3 different customer service agents and 1 supervisor telling me that they are sorry but their system is not designed to refund me my money back and offering me a $10 Gift Card which is way lesser than the amount that I paid for and that I had no use of the Target giftcard because I got swindled and don't want no future business with the "Target logo/brand" period.

I asked for a "corporate email and phone number" I called in to report and got the same run around, all apology and no actions. I was told I did nothing wrong but according to Target return policy for the item I purchase there were nothing that they could do. My question to them was why didn't nobody inform of me of those "Return Policies" all the days that I called in an waited until I was denied a refund to explain me of an "irrelevant" circumstance and that it was like "beating a dead horse"... totally irrelevant and pointless.

I promise them that the world needs to know about this because this is the first time I have ever been robbed by a major company because I feel as if they put a knife to my neck and took my wallet from me. My time was wasted and money was taken and my intelligence was insulted and I want justice because right now it's beyond all of the above it's the principle. I sit down and wonder about how many people must be going through this and do not have anyone to speak in their favor. If thsi happened to me if is already happening to millions of other consumers.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #903252

HAHAHA this site is hilarious. I need to grab a bucket of popcorn as I read these replies ROTFL

to uptimist202 Orange, California, United States #903618

You need to have a man take you out, you would think it is funny to beat on women. This just shows how sick you are.

Too bad your wife did not press charges and you did not end up in jail. You would not be laughing when you are raped by "Bubba" for dropping the soap.

The other prisoners just "love" people like you who abuse women and children and smirk about it. Yeah if you were in prison where you belong you would have that smirk wiped off your face very quickly.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #902886

Wowzer people can just spoof *** ur screen name and reply and pretend to be you on here? This website is so helpful I feel safe already. *sarcasm* for the record I don't reply to irrelevant indirect statements or comments.

Orange, California, United States #902662

Next time check with your wife before ordering the costume.

to KevinRichards Baltimore, Maryland, United States #902680

First of all I don't live with my wife. I am not allowed contact with my son because my EX wife divorced me because I put her in her place.

I never laid a finger on my son yet she has the court convinced I am a violent person. I only hit her because that effing b**ch asked for it. I refuse to talk to her unless I have to, and I asked her if I could drop off a costume for my son, because even though the courts say I am too violent to have custody rights to my son I still love him and wanted to give him a Ninja Turtle Halloween costume.

Unfortunately that his mother, the b**ch of the world already bought him a costume, not any costume but a Ninja Turtle one. This is not about me and my b*tch of an ex wife, this is about Target messing with me and stealing my money.

to uptimist202 Orange, California, United States #903235

Ha try laying a finger on a man rather then a lady and they will be scraping you off the sidewalk. Only cowards hit women.

You don't have to hit your son to cause damage to him.

Just hitting him causes emotional damage, and don't play that bull about someone posing as you. It is very easy to claim someone hacked your account, easy and coward, but then again you like to beat on women so you are a coward.

to uptimist202 Westfield, Massachusetts, United States #903348

Wow. Comical.

Almost everyone on this site tries to gain points by telling us about their sad lives. And yeah, you're a b***ard for hitting your wife.

Glad you can't see your son. Who knows what you'd do to him next.

to Lexie Orange, California, United States #903619

I agree, the worst part is that he is happy about hitting his son, he thinks it is funny.

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