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What does this message mean? I went to Target to return a simple $9 item that was defective and used receipt look up to have the cashier find my item on my Target Redcard.

The register found my item, however, the message on the register read: "NO TENDER DETERMINED!! VOID THE RETURN TRANSACTION" and would not let the cashier refund my item to me. What does this message mean and why did it appear, when my item was found with my Redcard? As you can see in the photo, this is what appeared on the register screen.

For the heck of it, I went and purchased a $50 item and returned it just to see if it was every time or a rare occurrence and had no issue returning the $50 item.

Can anyone tell me why this happened? (apologies for the sideway photo, it would not let me rotate again)

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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oh lord it means that it cant find the receipt attached to the persons card meaning to the machine the item was never purchased by the person .


Why are you asking a website that isn't Target? Also, why the heck would you buy an item for $50 just with the intent of returning it when something like this just happened to you?

It would've been awesome and hilarious if it happened again and you were out another $50. :')

to anti***sumerwhiners #1318055

Actually, I wasn't "out" any money. I simply was not able to return my item that day.

When I returned WITH my receipt, the return went through with no problem. I see you are an "anti consumer". This website is for PISSED CONSUMERS exactly what it's named. The item I purchased with the intent to return it was to test out of this was an ongoing issue.

$50 is not a lot of money. Maybe in your low income world but not to me.

to loves2shopatstores #1318721

If money didn't mean anything to you, you wouldn't be taking multiple trips to Target to return a $9 item.

to anti***sumerwhiners #1318728

Just because money isn't an issue for me doesn't mean I'm willing to waste it and eat the cost of a defective item. People like you who are willing to throw your money away and just take the hit is the reason you are poor.

You also failed to finish school and learn how to read. You failed to read the part where I told you that I went back WITH my receipt and returned my item with no problem. The topic here is finding out WHY Target's register prompted this error message, NOT why I went back a second time WITH my receipt to return a $9 item.

I am done responding to you. You are too below me to waste my time on any further.

to loves2shopatstores #1318813

Hehehe, you like to make a lot of assumptions about people. Does it make you feel better to think I am a poor, uneducated individual that lacks literacy skills? It's okay, I'm sure that your crying about a tech error on a website that has no link to Target really will make you feel better!

to anti***sumerwhiners Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1319799


to anti***sumerwhiners #1342336

Actually, Anonymous, "your" is correct, as in "(the act of) crying (that is yours)" as the subject in the sentence. But that was a good yet misguided attempt to mock someone, like miscorrecting "he gave it to him and me" to "he gave it to him and I." The basic understanding is there, but you lack the intricate details of English grammar to see why it shouldn't be "you're."

to anti***sumerwhiners #1355730

Wow, to the second anonymous! Using knowledge as a weapon to insult someone.

You are indeed intelligent! Kudos!

to loves2shopatstores #1355737

I wouldn't place much stock in what these most of these people replying have to say.

They are more than likely, judging by their comments, disgruntled retail workers with an axe to grind or kids that like to troll certain web sites for the attention that they don't receive in their personal lives.

Every now and then you will find a few ADULTS on here with helpful, constructive advice. Sorry that you had a bad experience. I used to work for Target and at that time we had a pretty awesome corporate help line for consumers. Here's the number,


This is the link to their web site< https://contactus.target.com/ContactUs>. Hope that helps.

to loves2shopatstores #1472977

Did you learn a lesson here? It's amazing how much smoother a return will go if you just bring your receipt with you.

Why didn't you bring your receipt in the first place? There wold sure be a lot fewer complaints on complaint boards if people would just get smart and bring their receipt with them when they make a return and stop expecting stores to bend over backwards for them.

to Anonymous #1484643

You must not have read the complaint here. I get it.

You have a learning disability. The OP states that they used "receipt look up" in which Target's system FINDS a receipt based on the payment method used. So when a customer swipes their credit card, Target's register finds their receipt, which proves they purchased the item and for how much, however, the register prompted the message on the screen as you see in the photo, and would not allow the cashier to refund the item.

A person does not need the physical paper receipt to make a return when that is the purpose of the "receipt look up". So your comments is worthless and unhelpful for the OP.

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