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Target Corp. has changed their online payment systems to automatically deny any EBT card that has to be manually typed in by the customer because their card won't read.

Their reason behind this is to prevent Fraud. THE ONLY WAY TO PREVENT FRAUD IS TO ASK FOR A IDENTIFICATION OR DRIVERS LICENSE CARD AND CHECK THE NAMES. This new policy is so ridiculous because EBT cards often don't scan due to the magnetic strip wears off so easy. We are only allowed 2 cards per year without getting a penalty even though it is the quality of the card at fault.

This is going to backfire on target as many EBT people will make sure to go shop the frozen isle, fill their carts with so much random things that it because completely frustrating to put away n throw out what gets melted or warm after they leave those baskets at the register. How's that for fraud! I'll repeat the only way to prevent Fraud is to ID someone.

Target is just trying to discriminate against the EBT class.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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To clarify, the author of this "review" is a "consumer" only in a literal sense.. as a seeker of handouts and freebies, her opinions are irrelevant.

Retailers are well aware of the fraud and schemes the "EBT class" is known for.

This is why so many are changing policies and procedures; it's to prevent these freeloaders from scheming their way into even MORE freebies!

One thing the writer is correct on however, is her description of the typical "EBT person" response to this; getting angry, causing a scene, filling carts with frozen foods, and abandoning them in hopes that it all becomes unusable and wasted.

Yes. THIS is why the welfare class doesn't work..would YOU hire someone who behaves this?....didn't think so.


Also a lot of people discriminate against the lazy and jobless. It is not really discrimination. They are just tired of working their butts off while you just go around collecting money from the government.

Canton, Michigan, United States #1074893

The new policy is not ridiculous. What is ridiculous is you are getting EBT because you are too lazy to get a job.

It may be the quality of the card at fault, but this could be changed if you get a job. That way you can earn your own money rather than depend on tax payers.

You have no right accusing anyone of fraud when you steal from tax payers. You may not care that that they have to raise prices for the food they threw out because you left them in the cart purposely because it is not your money it is tax payer money, but the people working hard to feed you care.

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