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Made a purchase online at on October 30th in the amount of $199 and some change. Used a gift card for the first $113 and some change and for the remainder I used my RedCard debit card, which typically withdraws the funds within three days from my checking account.

While checking my accounts yesterday (November 1st) I discovered that not only was the gift card depleted but Target charged the FULL $199 to my RedCard as well. When I called I was first disconnected in the midst of my explanation and request for information. The second time I was transferred from RedCard's department to and was placed on hold while she 'noted' my account for nearly 30 MINUTES! I was informed I would have to wait 24-48 hours for a response from the dispute department although I had all the information needed to prove that they wrongfully debited my account for $113 readily available! I called once again and was told she would be checking with another department for a resolution. That phone call took me an HOUR before she told me they would be contacting me (again in 24-48 hours which means it could be Monday before I even speak to anyone) and possibly putting the funds back on the gift card which is NOT what I want. So I asked to speak to a manager who couldn't tell me anything such as if the money would be pending with Target or would come out of my checking account or not... and if it did come out of my checking account and the dispute center saw in my favor, how long would it take to get my money back... he just sat on the phone... and when I kept questioning his ability to answer my questions he said, "I don't have to listen to this." and hung up! Clearly NOT a manager/supervisor and NOT the kind of customer service a LOYAL customer deserves. I have spent over $1000 in the last few months at Target. I had both registries and bought from other registries there!! I do NOT deserve to have my money taken without a good reason or answer as to when I will get it back... nor do I deserve to be hung up on! Target should be kissing my feet for all the business my family and friends give them!!

Anyway, woke up and got a call from my husband saying our account will be in the negative because of the charges and the fact that our rent is due... Target could not care less... Needless to say I will most likely cut up the RedCard and take my business back to WalMart and HEB only.

Monetary Loss: $113.

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Target is practicing its business like it always does - They take your money and you are stuck with the problems/ramifications. The fact that the end of the month you made a purchase that ran your account short on the first of the next month doesn't even occur to your detractor from Oceanside, CA.

It's rotten enough the treatment Target dishes to its customers, but to get snide remarks from some disinterested person in another town it *** on their part.

You will be wise to shop at Wal-Mart or HEB. They may not be stores of the caliber of Target, but they also don't treat their customers like Target does. If you have a problem with Wal-Mart or HEB, they are willing to work with you to get it resolved.

Please pass on to everyone that you know how Target manages its stores and mishandles their "guests".

Once t hey get your money, it's theirs. Period. If you have a problem, it becomes solely your problem. I lost a lot of money at Target, but learned a bitter lesson.

Never shop at Target.

Also, warn everybody you possibly can not to deal with such an unscrupulous company. They are corporate thieves and anyone who shops there does so at their own hazardous risk!!

Oceanside, California, United States #580106

you sure do spend a lot of money there considering a difference of 86 dollars would put you in the negative

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