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After being pressured to open a red card account with Target...after giving it to me on the spot when I tried to use it a second time they said they wanted me to go to UPS and fax over additional documents ...when I decided to close it out they refused to let me close...
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Anonymous You can certainly say no to any credit card that is offered at any store. Cashiers are just told to offer you one because simply that is what they are told to do. So no one "p...


offconsumerpissed "After being pressured to open a red card account with Target"To be taken seriously, please never start any comment or complaint like that. Every store tries to get you to sig...

I only shop Target because it is the only place near me. So, I decided to apply for the REDCARD and get 5% reward. Easy? NO. Casher said he could do it while I checked out. Instead of him processing as Debit, he made it Credit. People were backing up behind me-...
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BrettJones So because you had one bad experience with one cashier you are going to harass them all just for asking a question. Are you even old enough to have a Redcard? Everyone makes ...


Anonymous Why did you let the cashier reach over the PIN machine and select the credit option for your redcard application?

I liked
  • Concept of reward program
I didn't like
  • No one can help with rewards application
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I applied for a target red card debit card about a year ago. I used to love shopping at target. However my recent experience has been very embarrassing for me. I spent over 1500.00 at target two weeks ago and had never had an issue with my card prior to this. Today my...
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nunayabizness I had the opposite experience. My card was locked because I made a large payment, not a large purchase.


aliens_amoung_us I shop no more than once a week, or for a totala of $250, to avoid this issue. You'd be wise to do this in the future to save yourself some of the aggravation. Simple answer t...