Target Redcard Debit Card Reviews

I only shop Target because it is the only place near me. So, I decided to apply for the REDCARD and get 5% reward. Easy? NO. Casher said he could do it while I checked out. Instead of him processing as Debit, he made it Credit. People were backing up behind me- there are lots of registers but there are only 1-2 open ( the short ones for small orders are NEVER open, they are covered with junk) . So I said I would use it as credit then cancel...
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I liked
  • Concept of reward program
I didn't like
  • No one can help with rewards application
I applied for a target red card debit card about a year ago. I used to love shopping at target. However my recent experience has been very embarrassing for me. I spent over 1500.00 at target two weeks ago and had never had an issue with my card prior to this. Today my card was declined at the register. I immediately called the customer service number because I was embarrassed at the register. Thanks Target. When I called I was told I had too...
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