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On 11/22/2012, at 3:33 PM, an unknown and unauthorized person used my Target RedCard number and billing address at Wal-Mart.com to purchase 4 Verizon pre-paid phone cards for a total of $214.04, and had them delivered to an e-mail address (not mine).

Once I discovered the fraud in early December, I called customer service for guidance in the process. I was informed they would remove the fraudulent charges since they could get no information from Wal-Mart.com. The charges were removed.

A few weeks later I was contacted by phone and e-mail requesting more details to be faxed to them.

A few weeks later I received a letter, informing me new information revealed that it was actually me who had made the purchases and the charges were reinstated. As 'proof' of this, they provided 'evidence' in the form of a chart full of seemingly random numbers and codes. No interpretation and no explanation were offered.

I left an e-mail message with Target informing them I would be handling the rest of this matter on my own and would then be closing my account.

I contacted Wal-Mart.com and two different customer services representatives confirmed, in a very short time, this was a fraudulent charge on my account. I filed a report with them and later received screen shot details of the purchase, including phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and IP addresses that are not mine.

I was finally contacted by Target, by e-mail, asking for another chance to correct the situation, along with the suggestion that they still needed some document from me. I called the number provided to me to learn what additional information i now needed to provide. I was not helped, but, instead, forwarded to another representative who was not at her desk. I left a voice mail message that was not returned. I e-mailed back to explain the number I was giving led to a dead end. I was promised a return contact within 48 hours. After 48 hours passed, I again e-mailed seeking assistance. I was advised I would be contacted after the investigation of my claim was completed. I responded by e-mail trying to explain that they were sending me around in a circle. I have had no return response since then. Unfortunately, I cannot do this on my own, it seems. I suspect they know I need them and I feel held hostage to their whims. I just want the fraudulent charges gone.

Monetary Loss: $214.

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Trying to get help from Target is an exercise in futility.

They will give you an unbelievable run-around and in the end, tell you that the problem is yours and it is your responsibility to rectify it.

I hope you can resolve this matter, but have small hopes of that for you.

Your best advice here is to NEVER, NEVER deal with Target. They are legal crooks and will put the screws to you and your bank account.

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