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I have had a Target Red Card for about 3 years now. I originally had a $500 limit. Despite NEVER having a late payment, they evidently dropped my limit to $300, while I still had a balance over $300, resulting in a over limit fee. Pissed, I called to see what I could do. After talking to more people who didn't understand English nor manners, I just paid what I needed to get below that limit.

I am very diligent about checking my credit statements online about five (or more) times a month.

Two months ago, after paying MORE than my minimum balance (by $100), I checked a few days after my payment cleared my bank account to discover that I had a $10 minimum balance due a week before my usual due date. WTF?! I paid it right then and there, knowing full well they thought they would trick me, and I wouldn't notice and would have to pay that $25 late fee.

Then this last month, I wrote a check to pay off my card. I suppose seeing another good customer going down the drain, they decided to first calculate my interest on 6/16 and then credit my payment on 6/16. Consequently I have a $3.20 balance. Had I just assumed that my card was paid off, I would be incurring another $25 late fee.


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my recently deceased parent had a red card I never knew about & also a bankruptcy about the same time the card was issued. I notified them about the death & sent death certificate advising there is no estate.

When someone is old and bankrupt due to *** sucking predatory lenders that should be a no-brainer. This was a one person account, nobody used it but the cardholder-it also had an interest rate of 24.99%! Holy juice loan! Today we get a notice from a "specialist" in "deceased account care"-(translation-how to collect money from dead persons or sucker their families into thinking they have to pay).

I'm thinking I'd rather pay our lawyer than deal with them, but here's what else we plan to do. Our extended family will cease to shop at Target and will also encourage all our friends to do the same -& it's a big family, all in the major spending years of their lives. Over the next year or so, they should lose 2-3 times what they're trying to squeeze out of us -when the LAW says we have no obligation to pay-it even says so in their own literature. So watch out people, Red Card and Target have no ethics-they are predatory lenders and will even try to hound you when you're dead.

In this one instance, take Nancy Reagan's advice and JUST SAY NO! good luck, good fortune, and we hope you'll treat Target as they deserve to be treated.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #204706

Actually the fees were late I have to admit. I have a gambling problem.

My wife whom I married in Feb 2009 is threatening to leave me unless I get help with my gambling problems. the real reason they reduced my limit was becase I was cosntantly late and constanly late on my payments. Right now she found out that I was stealing money from her which is supposed to be used to feed our eleven month old child to spend it on gambling and drinking. The reason I could not pay my bills on time was because of my gambling and drinking problem.

I was too busy spending my money on gambling and beer. I blame the bar because they sell beer which makes you unaware of how much you are spending. They lure you with beer to gamble and not know how much time you spend at the casino. I also posted the comment under "cm" to make my store more believable because people saw through me.

I lied about making payments on time and got mad when they did research and did not believe me. Please disreguard this letter.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #204600

I am no longer a customer of Target! They canceled my perfect credit record Red Card without notifying me.

I found out it was invalid while other customers were waiting behind me in the checkouts. I paid with alternate card but, after the crappy excuse I received from the Red Card customer service, I returned all the merchandise and shopped elsewhere.

The excuse was I had not used the card for over a year. Still, they did not inform me of the cancellation!


I just payed off my card balance of $4,000, and now my limit is only $500. I have never been late and my credit score has actually gone up.


I am furious with them. I am going to report them to the better business bureau.

Mymensingh, Dhaka, Bangladesh #25106

I'd check my credit score. There must be something new on it.

Credit card companies really don't make money when you spend less. Lowering a limit is a last resort.

customer_rep defend
Hughesville, Pennsylvania, United States #19246

And this is why idiots shouldn't have credit cards.

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