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I was a Target customer for over twenty years, but then a year ago that changed. I use to go to target at least twice a week and spend several hundred dollars a week there.

but everytime i would check out the clerks would get more and more agressive about pushing me to get a red card. The last time I wound up in a shouting match with the clerk and I said to myself, "I don't need thisz, life is too short I'm giving them my money and they are treating me like ***.'

I walked out of there and have not ever been back to any target store nor will i ever. Thank you Target for saving me hundreds if not thousands of dollars by making me an Amazon customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.


I didn't like: Red card harrassment, Clerk who wont take no for an answer.

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I was a Target Employee who was counseled for not being aggressive enough for pushing Red Card and Target Red. I would look into the faces of those people over and over everyday and see the damage it was doing to their loyalty to the store.

Even if all the customer was buying was a package of gum, I was told to push Red Card. The employees are told this will show up on their evaluations and could actually lead to dismissal if continued unsatisfactory compliance is observed.

So employees push Red Card out of job security needs. They actually have store monitors walking around observing their employees for unsatisfactory compliance.


I used to work for Target and I quit mainly because of having to harass guests with the *** red card. We're supposed to treat guests with how we want to be treated and step one is not to harass guests with these f*cking red cards!


This person should not be worried about losing their job because you throw temper tantrums. They have to or they get into trouble.


The problem is Target and it's management. Management does it to pad their bonuses.

Target does it to increase their sales and does not understand what's really happening at a store level. They treat their workers very poorly and get on them hard about pushing Red Card sales. They will down right bully them until they quit or get more cards.

No means no, the problem is the cashiers are not allowed to take no for an answers so you get harassed and they get harassed if they don't sell any. The one thing while working at Target I never understood was how clueless management was that this methodology created a poor working environment and just rubbed customers the wrong way.

to MrSharkNasty #1168232

I am wondering if this is also the reason why stores push the cashiers to ask their customers if they want to donate to a specific charity that Corporate chose.


Stores need to stop pushing their credit cards on people. Yes they may save the store money, but store cards have higher interest rates than a bank card and consumers don't need that. I wouldn't touch a red card with Target's lack of concern for security.


we are required to ask people to get redcards because management gets on our *** about it if we dont- its not the cashiers fault.

to Anonymous Benicia, California, United States #1173585

I agree the grown up thing to do would be to say no. Then again the OP sounds immature.



Why on earth did you shout at the Target employee?

How would you feel if the Target employee shouted at you?

How would you feel if any employee at any business shouted at you?

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