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target red debit card department will put you on hold for an hour and a half while trying to transfer you to an assortment of extensions. when specifically asked to not to be sent to an automated answering machine, i was sent to that exact thing. twice.

they have layers and layers of incompetent operators that answers your call 'how can i help you?' who really can't do anything.

if you have a target debit card or thinking of getting one, beware. your account is being handled by a group of people who can't help you when your cards gets lost or stolen, never gets delivered, gets over-charged, address changed, your bank information gets changed, etc., etc.

your money and your piece of mind won't be safe.

needless to say, i canceled my account. that took over 90 minutes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Debit Card.

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Buyer Beware. :eek :eek
TARGET SUCKS!!! :( :( :(

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