I have had a Target Red Card for 3 years. I made a error in my banking and had a over draft on card.

They hit my bank 5 times in one day costing me 153.00. When I called they said that was their policy. I am very upset and will cancel card as soon as I can get the money together to pay fees off. Don't ever make a mistake.

I had forgotten an auto-payment that comes out of my account.

I now do not have the money to pay my electric bill, I am on a fixed income and this really is a hardship.

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Lovington, New Mexico, United States #239130

That's a pretty common policy with auto pay bills. Some banks will reduce your fees if you talk to them reasonably about the issue. I know I got charged over $100 in fees by Bank of America because my account was one penny short of what I needed to pay a bill.

It seems to me that this problem is 50% your fault, 25% Target's fault, and 25% the bank's fault. You're harmed by the consequences because you're paying penalties to two companies. Target is harmed by bills that fail to go through because they need that income to survive as a company. While your bill is a drop in the bucket, consider how many thousands of people don't pay their Target cards each month. Target recovers from that harm by charging late fees, so they balance out in the long run.

Meanwhile, the bank WINS!!! They didn't pay Target. They didn't lose any money. All they did was laugh and charge you a fee each time Target asked for money.


You people should be ashamed of yourselves...you're both perfect and have never made a mistake???? PLEASE!!

As for your issue with Target, I agree the fees are very excessive and unnecessary.

In the future I would refrain from setting up "automatic" payments if your finances are this tight; better to pay late and incur the late fee than to risk insufficient funds as you get hit in both diretions. Hope it works out for you.


I am a salaried employee so I'm on a fixed income. I wonder if that will work as an excuse to not pay my bills...

You admitted you made a mistake, but your complaint suggests you have a problem accepting the consequences of your mistake. That is like a shoplifter saying they admitted they stole something but are mad they were arrested.

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