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On the 20th I bought Mcafee Virus Protection Software For $49.99 to protect a 1000$ P.C. we got for my son.

We had an Initial 30 days free and then on the 5th the free subscription would expire. I tried to install it and it never worked, The next day the P.C. was Infected with Trojan and other Complicated viruses. So I called a computer Guy (2nd Chance Computer Repair) to help me Out.

He Cleaned up the Computer Installed His own antivirus. I called Target to see about getting a refund and was told I CANNOT GET ONE. So now i'm out 50+ bucks and am the permanent owner of a worthless piece of *** software program. Thanks Target.

I will NEVER Go there again. FYI I did follow all instructions on how to properly install.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Any state, any city, any store you can not return software, dvds, blu-rays, cd's, or video games if they are open. You can only exchange them for the same item, it's nation wide copyright law.


"either way, anonymous is just insane."

An insane ***.


either way, anonymous is just insane.


"First of all, anonymous is a woman. She even claimed to have a husband when she was throwing a tantrum at me a while back. "

Anonymous could be ***, apparently you can marry someone of the same sex these days.


I think anonymous is suffering from PMS every day instead of once a month for a few days.


anonymous is a woman? she sure has the temper of a man though.

it looks like women from Mississippi are manly. either that or she really is a man that loves men.


First of all, anonymous is a woman. She even claimed to have a husband when she was throwing a tantrum at me a while back.

It isn't Target's or McAfee's fault your household doesn't know how to safely browse the internet. I haven't even used virus protection in years and have had no problems, but then again I don't do idiotic things with my computer.


Well it is your responsibility to check your products "anonymous". They have no idea that you are a retard and still need someone to check babysit you. They see you as a grown man or woman and assume you are mature enough to check our products before leaving the store.


Anonymous you loser I am back. The reason I have not been posting all the time is because unlike you I don't go around stalking members from post to post.


Thanks Big Bruce, but I really love men. I mean really really love men.

If MrsLea01 was a man, I would be all over her. She sounds sooooo nasty.

I need a nasty man to whip me so hard when I misbehave. Then when I go to Target and I'm nice to one of the clerks, my master can whip me good.


Anonymous - I heard that Mr. Lea dumped Mrs.

Lea - why don't you two hook up for a date so you can agree with every důmbāśś who posts a complaint.

For your first date, you two can go to Wendy's. I'm sure MrsLea01 will be willing to drive (drunk) and crash into the dining room at Wendy's, and then demand that the manager make you two a Frosty.


lol look dumba$$, no one else has replied in a while. let's face it, neither of us need help.

we just don't agree which is normal because not everyone agrees. I mean Jedi will agree next time he comes on that both you and MrsLea are absolutely nuts, not to mention weird.

but oh well, it's just a website. calm down.

Wait a minute:
Our names are real names. They are just not our user names. Man, I was hoping you would get it by now.

What does this even mean, " implied that I hate Jedi and Bruce's phone number..."?
:x :x

Even Jedi hasn't posted in a while, because he/she knows you have totally lost it!
good boy, Ocean Springs. that psychiatrist of yours gave you some good advice on telling other people to get help so you don't feel like you're the one with the problems. I'll be awaiting your next odd reply :grin


How is it that your head doesn't burst into flames when you throw accusations around about perverts since you are very active in stalking almost everyone who posts on these department store sites?

How have you decided that you are such a good guy and everyone trusts your intentions when you write such garbage about them? Who died and made you the beacon of truth and purity?

News flash - protesting the loudest points the light of guilt directly upon you.

Get help.


lol you're really weird, you just like to hear yourself talk. is it another exercise recommended by your psychiatrist?

I guess they also recommend going off topic because I never once said our names are real names. you implied that I hate Jedi and Bruce's phone numbers. so apparently you're the one that thinks he really is a Jedi and Bruce is really named BigBruce.

but ms. anonymous, you can go over your irrelevant story one more if it's what keeps you from going into another episode.


Once again, IHateStupidCustomers and Anonymous aren't our real names.

There are no such phone listings for IHateStupidCustomers and Anonymous.

Let's goover the concept again of using fictious names.

You see, IHateStupidCustomers and Anonymous are names that we decided to use on this site. I wasn't born with my user name, and you weren't either. They aren't our real names. Your parents gave you a name when you were born. That name is your real name. They didn't name you IHateStupidCustomers when you were born. That's your user name.

Try and grasp the concept, but if you are still having trouble, we can go over it one more time.


and also, none of my comments show that much anger. especially my last one. but if I had a choice, I'd much rather have my anger off of the charts rather than stalk people and go completely off topic.


so I guess that means you did somehow get their phone numbers? weirdoooo


Calm down, IHate...,

You're anger is off the charts.

Call Ethan (see, I can say it) or Bruce or any of your good friends. Talk to them.

Calm down. Everything's going to be o.k.

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