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I have noticed that lately many items are ringing up higher than the marked price on the specific item -- usually only 20 - 50 cents but multiply that by millions of customers -- most whom won't notice or say anything.

When I bring it to the cashiers attention, I get an attitude or just indifference no apology whatsoever. Today, two items rang up more than marked price and the cashier said she would have to call and have the price checked. After 5 minutes of 'waiting' while hearing nothing but incomprehensible garble on those walkies I gave up and left the store empty handed.

Target needs to research the law on this. In some states (not Mass) you are entitled to one of those items free. I never asked for a free item but obviously I don't have a price gun thing and can't 'change' the price which is what the cashier & the person on the other end of the 'walkie' were implying.

I would also recommend to Target that they hold some classes on basic customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

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This is absolutely true and I'm so sick of it. I get the same attitude too.


"In some states (not Mass) you are entitled to one of those items free."

Really? I did not know that. Would you please cite a reference to this law in any state that it exists?

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