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I had a hard time at Target, here is the whole story that was broadcast on TV this week. I was given about 4 different explanations of why my vacuum purchase did not qualify (none of them were correct). I got pissed and wrote corporate, called, and emailed WEWS in Cleveland and they did a story on it. The store was incredibly difficult to deal with over about $16. I did get the refund before the story was done, but I still thought it was important to share.

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Boo hoo hoo. Cry me a river you big baby.

No store does price adjustments for black Friday door busters. It is not fair that some people wait in line early in the morning to get these items and prices while people like you cheat the system to try and get what you want.

I hope Target takes your @ss for to the cleaners for cheating the system while other people did things correctly and waited in line early in the morning. Want some cheese with your whine over $16?


What a loser you are! Seriously get a life!


Actually, the story was about a price adjustment not an ad match, and while the policy does exclude ad match for stores offering doorbuster or early bird specials, it doesn't say anything about price adjustments. Furthermore, it seems that some are just jealous that they weren't brilliant enough to think of using a corporation's policies to their full advantage. It would be disheartening to be the person waiting at 3 AM in the freezing cold with herds of people for a sale, when you could be comfy cozy at home, discounted product in hand - but that's just the breaks when you lack the creativity and intelligence that others have.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #221753

So you are the one everyone in my town is laughing at. I don't blame her for her behavior Simon, her parents probably forgot to change her diapers that day.

You do realise people all over the US and possibly Canada are laughing at you. I guess you just want attention, the fact that you went public and are posting here AFTER the matter was result means you seek atttention because no one loves you.


Biggest baby ever....

No stores do price matches for Black Friday. You are a *** for thinking they would. They gave you your desperately needed $16 (no doubt to make a trailer payment) just to shut you up and here you are still crying. Wahh wahh I want my $16 Wahh wahh I'm special Wahh wahh.

You are real ***.


The ad it was in was for Black Friday as a doorbuster, and stores were given the direction to not ad match these items, because it is not fair for those who waited to come in early and get those deals,just because you rose a stink and got the news involved you got your $16. The exclusions in ad matches do list doorbuster items, so way to use the part of the policy you like and ignore the rest.

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