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TARGET "RETURN POLICY" OR THEFT?? I have spent $300-$400 every month for the past 6 years without a problem.

A few days ago I purchased a few food items encluding a bag of red potatoes at $3.99. The potatoes were very webbed-like & discolored on the inside. The next day I returned to make a purchased and get credit for the potatoes. Oh I got credit alright, $1.99!!

I was told this is the RETURN POLICY.

because I didn't keep the receipt The store will get ($1.99?) credit from the vendor and take from me my $2. WONDER, HOW MUCH COULD SOMEONE POCKET FROM THIS "POLICY" in a YEAR????

Product or Service Mentioned: Potato.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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You want full return comply with the return policy. Have your receipt. No one - not even Target - cares that you spend $300-$400 a month there.


If you return an item without a receipt or the card you bought it on, you get the lowest sale price within 90 days and issued as store credit as theft prevention. Next time, keep your receipt or purchase it some way Target is able to track it. No one's fault here but your own.

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #1292456

It is very common for stores to issue a store credit for the sale price of an item returned without a receipt. They have now way of knowing what you actually paid and since you didn't have your receipt they will give you the lowest price they sold it for.

Keeps people from buying items on sale and returning them for full price. Next time you make a return, have your receipt in hand if you want the price you paid refunded.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1291754

Time to re-think your habit of shopping at Target anyway after they changed their restroom policy.

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