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Very disgusted with the service i got from the target in burlington NC. I orderd a computer tablet rca a7 online and there store site said (in store) they had 2 left and it said i could pick it up that day.

I payed for the tablet and everything. This was right before black friday hours began the only reason i did it online was so i could get it before it was gone but nooo!!!! I go to the service desk to pick it up and there already gone!!!!! Rediculas !!!

Obviously someone didnt do there job and get my item off the shelf before 100s of people where ganna be walking in and buying everything. Then on top of that i was told the only thing i could do is have it shipped? Why would i want to wait for it to be shipped !!!! I did free pickup so i could get it right then.

So i cancled my order and when the money didnt show up back in my account i was told tht it could take a 24 hour business day to get my money back which would now be 2 to 3 days on monday before i get it back when the website says that your not charged untill you pick up the item wellll i dont have it in my hands right now so why was i charged ??? I cant spend the 85 dollars thats not in my account which i would of very much liked to spend somewhere else. Just poor unorganized service very very very un happy !!!!!!

My tablet should have been removed from the shelf and set aside for me before the doors even opened for black friday and any other online orders to be picked up PERIOD !!!! I JUST CANT DESCRIBE IN WORDS HOW DISGUSTED I AM WITH TARGET.will never shop here agian...

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1070564

I purposely stayed at work (target) til almost 4 in the am Thursday...five hours after we closed to pull all in store pick ups for the next day. That being said....because we were not open thursday morning...there was no one at the store to do any that came in that morning or overnight.

That is why yours wasn't pulled. Sure we could have had people come in that morning but some of us wanted to actually spend a few hours with our families for the holiday before having to return to work to be yelled at by people that might have planned ahead a bit more. We are just people...doing our very best. I love my job and I want our guests happy.

However, we are already giving up most of our holiday family time to work and I think people ought to consider that when expecting perfection and miracles. I am very sorry your expectations were not met...I really am. As for your card being was put on temporary hold prior to us pulling it because we don't pull unless the money is verified.

Otherwise, we would be wasting more time pulling items that guests can't pay for. The delay in getting the hold taken off is the bank....not us.

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