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my complaint is it target doesn't honor their rainchecks!!! after I called aroundlooking for some 6 foot foldable banquet tables that I had a rain check for.

The store in Traverse City Michigan finally found them at a store down in Bay City Michigan. I drove 115 miles one way to pick them up after speaking to the employee in Bay City Michigan target and he put them to the side and told me when I got down there to ask at the service desk for them.

once I arrived I went to the service desk to get them they have an employee bring them up from be in the back store room she rang them up the total came to twice almost three times what they were supposed to be look at my rain check and refused to accept it.said it was a misprint in the ad and they did not have to sell them to me at that price when I received a rain check at the time for them at that price. Ask to speak to a manager and she basically laughed in my face and said oh well I'll sell them to you at £24.99 but I'm not going to SELL THEM to you at the rain check I called corporate was on the phone with corporate customer service manager sitting there saying I won't sell them to you corporate told me on the phone they didn't have to sell them to I guess my question is this why issue a rain check if you won't honor it....

manager got very loud very belligerent embarrassed me up in front at the service desk in front of my daughter in law who drove me down there and in front of numerous customers that were standing there staring and watching the whole thingand people wonder why a lot of people don't shop at Target anymore they won't let America veterans sell puppies outside their front door or anything that involves the military and their anti gun go figure....seriously its not like I went in the back into the price tag off and tried to steal it from them I had a target issued rain check and they refused to sell me the product because the ad they said was wrong even with the ad in hand they refuse to sell it to me...I have already contacted an attorney about the fact that they committed fraud

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Pick Up Service.

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With your terrible grammar perhaps you misunderstood the rain check price. Besides if you are going to make a scene and act like a child by not taking no for an answer you deserve to be embarrassed in front of everyone.


Of all of the complaints that you listed, which is the main one? Target doesn't let anybody do any fund raising in front of their stores, it isn't just veterans.

For your information, veterans aren't anymore important than law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, etc. Veterans are no longer putting their lives on the line, whereas the others that I listed do so, every time they go to work. What other military things do you want Target to take care of? All businesses should be anti gun.

There isn't a good reason in the whole world for anybody to go into a store while they are armed. Furthermore, you claim to be shopping in the USA, so why are you talking about spending British money? It doesn't make much sense, and "if it doesn't make sense, it isn't true." Judge Judy. Another thing, if you desperately needed these tables you would have bought them no matter what the cost.

Quit whining, especially about the rules for non-profit organizations doing fund raising outside the doors at Target, non-important issues like going into the store bearing arms, etc. When you quit whining about non-important issues you can start worrying about improving your spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and some poor grammar. Now tell me why Veterans are supposed to be treated with more consideration than anybody else. They have have worked at a job and are no longer in that job, so they can pull up their panties and deal with life, just like the rest of us.

When they enlisted, they knew what they were getting into, but most of them enlisted hoping to get free college, and had no real plans of getting into war.

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