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Last week the Target website advertised a Nintendo 3DS game for $17.99 (regularly $39.99). I had to call call Customer Service because I could not check out via the website - I would add the game to my cart, then go to check out to find my cart was empty. Despite succinctly stating my problem, the woman with whom I spoke was terribly confused, eventually attempting to place the order for the full price. When I once again explained I wanted the lower price, she claimed to not be able to find the item on the site for that price (which was very frustrating I was looking right at it!), and told me to send an e-mail to with links and/or screenshots of their site price and ref# 3-839336652, and they would definitely resolve the issue. I did wat she asked. Web service was equally confused by my short, succinct request, and we traded messages back and forth for a day before they told me I should have placed the order first with the phone rep. I explained how frustrated this was getting and asked if they would just place the order for me; to this I received an e-mail from "Guet Services" with a ref # (3-839277675) asking me to call to straighten things out.

Three days later I called the number provided and gave the reference number. I spoke with a man named Robert, who was incredibly nice and helpful (which has not been my general experience with Target's phone reps). After maybe ten minutes of research he informed me that they would not honor the price because I had not initially placed an order. I explained my history thus far and asked to speak to a manager. Robert remained professional and eventually got a supervisor - Roger - on the line. I explained my situation and frustration to Roger who, unlike Robert, and like everyone else I've dealt with, did not seem to understand my problem and simply repeated himself verbatim over and over. I explained that I had spent far too much time to walk away empty-handed, and he said if I sent links/screenshots (as I had already done) to the Guest Services e-mail, they would price match. I asked three times if he was certain, because this is what I was told last time, but he kept saying this would solve the problem. Eventually I asked if I needed to place an order online first to receive the price match - a key detail that, despite his mantra-like promises he had completely missed - and he said to do just that. So I did - I placed the order then e-mailed Guest Services. And, of course, I was told they would not give me the advertised price. I responded once more, explaining that as the consumer I had done everything correctly, that they had dropped the ball at literally every turn along the way, and that if we could not come to and agreement that I would be going to the Better Business Bureau, Twitter, Facebook, and would lodge an official Consumer Complaint with Corporate. I received an e-mail two days later from Guest Services saying they still would not honor my request.

My biggest frustration, as I'm sure you can see, isn't the insignificant video game deal on which I'm missing out, it's the fact that this business takes no responsibility for their continued mistakes, nor do they seem to teach their customer service employees to actively listen and to predict future case issues. My time has been wasted and, worse, completely disregarded, so I'm fighting back. If Target wants to treat a terribly loyal customer for over thirty years like this, I suppose all I can do is shout my story from every available mountaintop.

Monetary Loss: $22.

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I ended up getting a call from Target in regards to the BBB complaint, and they did honor the price. BBB can't make them do anything, but I suspected if I raised enough of a stink and someone high enough high enough realized they were at fault, they would cave.

I had also called Corporate a few days prior, which may habe helped. While their hands were tied, Corporate (specifically, a switchboard operator - !!!

- and a Consumer Affairs rep) was incredibly nice, responsive, empathetic, and classy. My final correspondence, when they finally gave me my credit, was, unfortunately, a bit contentious and unprofessional on their part., but I got what I wanted and they got to close out a BBB case.


Ship somewhere else if they would not honor the price. The Better business bureau can't make them honor the price.

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