Target has officially lost my pharmacy related business. I had an ear infection and had my doctor call in my prescription on a Friday.

Target's phones were down and my doctor was gone for the weekend so I had to wait until Monday.

Monday they were out of stock and said they will have stock on Tuesday. Tuesday they were still out of stock, so I transferred my prescription to CVS.

The next complaint is for another drug which I had a discount on file for but they couldn't find and there lines are way to long. Very dissappointed.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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How can you both blame a pharmacy when they did not have the drug you needed? They just could have used up the supply they had in stock.


That is terrible. I would have switched my prescription immediately upon hearing they do not have it.

Why wait at all!! I also would avoid at all cost THESE kinds of pharmacies they just do not have any kind of personal touch. and obviously uncaring.

an ear infection could get much worst and you could lose hearing. They also should have called your prescription over to another pharmacy and not even asked you to wait!!


Thats what happens when you go to a cheap pharmacy. I go to the one located in the doctors office building.

Its a bit more, but service is personal, and they always have had what we needed. Ive never had to resort to walgreens/walmart/target etc.

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