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I am a former employee of Target and know this person, she is a rotten person who lives to

make herself larger than life off of other peoples problems. She mocks people

with speech impediments and is rude to customers that ask may questions. She has

made fun of customers with physical issues with no remorse. She puts fellow

employees down when talking about them. She was so heartles she even took her

former roomates kids pets and their personal belongings.

This person Tricia Wurster the Target Pharmacy Manager at Tradition Target

Port Saint Lucie is rotten to the core.I can't believe she still works there. If

you stand up to her she will get you fired.

Please beware of her.....

Tricia has tried to discredit my last post by faking reply comments saying I was fired 2-12-16. I was forced to resign 8 months ago and what I say here is true.. Google her name

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You have to believe me I never wrote this letter. Someone else wrote it pretending to be me.

I apologized for writing the last letter. I was angry that you fired me and yeah I wrote lies about you. But I don't know who wrote the last letter, besides like I said in my last reply, since I am under 18 all the things that I signed, the termination papers, the write ups, the employee agreement are all not legal contracts since I am 18 so the firing was unjust. But honestly I never wrote this letter.

I only wrote the one on February the 12th. I don't know who posted this but it was not me.

I am trying to get my letter removed since I was angry and not thinking straight, but please you have to believe me. I am not the one that posted this review.

to Anonymous Naperville, Illinois, United States #1113579

This website is really out to make you look, bad. I would not be surprised if the people running this site wrote this review.

But to Tricia, we often get people pretending to be others and it looks like the idiots running this site want this person go get into legal trouble.

But like she said she wrote the previous letter not this one. This site needs to be taken to court for allowing cyber bullying and all that ***.

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