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I am a former employee of Target and know this person, she is a rotten person who lives to make herself larger than life off of other peoples problems. She mocks people with speech impediments and is rude to customers that ask may questions. She has made fun of customers with physical issues with no remorse. She puts fellow employees down when talking about them. She was so heartles she even took her former roomates kids pets and their personal belongings.

This person Tricia Wurster the Target Pharmacy Manager at Tradition Target Port Saint Lucie is rotten to the core.I can't believe she still works there. If you stand up to her she will get you fired.

Please beware of her.....



Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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Wow, shouldn't she be fired? I would think that would give the store a bad rep.


Yikes. Sounds like a personal vendetta. Not cool.


As another coworker of this person I would like to say this person was not fired for standing up to Trisha, she was fired for another reason which she clearly knew was against customer policy. She signed a contract saying she will follow company policy and will broke those terms and conditions.


None of this is true, you have 24 hours to take this review and stop libeling me or I will be taking legal action. I have been taught to respect people.

I don't make fun of people with speech problems.

I have a feeling I know who you are, bragging to your friends about making me look bad online does not make you very smart, well one of your friends turned you in and pointed me towards this post and I am giving you 24 hours to remove this post about me since none of it is true. You may be young, still a kid, but your old enough to know the difference between right and wrong.

to Anonymous #1112837

I don't know how my comment got deleted but like I said as soon as I turn 18 I will be taking you to court. I am under 18, so the termination papers, as well as the write ups are illegal as there was no adult there when I signed them, and a legal parent or guardian must be there when I am signing the forms.

Even the agreement with my workplace was signed illegally and not valid. You obviously do not like teenagers maybe because you are a bitter old lady. I admit that I lied, and that you have never made fun of those with speech issues, however I will be taking you to court as soon as I am 18 since you have an illegal contract with me. I have tried to have this removed, but the idiots running the site do not know how to read and instead of having the whole review removed they only removed the comments where I admitted that I made up the stuff about you making fun of customers with speech problems.

I will be taking them to court as well as soon as I turn 18. But you broke the law, you made me sign my termination form without a parent or guardian. You made my parents side with you. They told me that my being late was my fault.

I was only late a few times, at the most once or twice a shift. But see you in court six weeks as soon as I turn 18. Oh and I did not write the second review about you, that was a troll. So you cannot take me to court for that since I admit to making this up about you.

You however borke th law by making me sigh a form when I am not of 18 yet.

My being fired and write ups were illegal and soon you too will be out of a job. Hope you like being unemployed you dumb broad.

to Anonymous #1113101

Yeah the moderators of this site have the habit of deleting posts that are not breaking the rules, banning members standing up to their favorites. Perhaps you can be the one person that gets this site sued.

They allow impersonation of other members, an cyber bullying, harassing people with down syndrome, homophobic and racist posts, yet those that tell the people off partially the user Kevin Richard's are banned. Perhaps you can be the person that takes legal action against this site, because this site clearly needs to be sued. They allow homophobia, cyber bullying, impersonation, harassing the disabled. People who do those illegal actions are allowed to post while those that tell them off are banned, have their posts deleted.

However you have a legal case. You did something foolish, you lied about your supervisor, you were given 24 hours to remove the libel, they won't allow you to remove the posts, but you told them you made a mistake within the 24 hour time frame and your posts were removed. This can make it seem like you are not willing to admit fault and have this Tricia person take you to court. I have already contacted a legal attorney about the way people are impersonated, bullied on this site, about how this site allows hate speech that is considered racist, homophobic, discriminatory against the disabled.

Hopefully legal action will be taken against the incompetent running this site in an unprofessional manner. I was banned because their favorite member Kevin Richards was making racial, homophobic posts and I stood up to their favorite member. This site truly needs to be shut down.

I have contacted the police about the cyber bullying allowed on this site, the BBB, and the FCC. Hopefully that will get this site shut down and the people running it charged, if not hopefully they will not allow this kind of behavior.

to Anonymous #1118236

HAHAHA...honestly, thank you for the good laugh; it was needed. There's no need for you to repeat over and over again that you're under the age of 18.

The ignorance and immaturity of this comment/post proves that. You say the "idiots of this website" won't take this post down and are deleting comments of you admitting to the defamatory (may need to look up what that word means) statements you have made. Because, you know, it's their fault that YOU decided to make such post to begin with...not only that, but you just admitted that everything you said in your original post is a lie; why should anyone believe you when you say the idiots of this website are deleting the so called comments of you admitting to it?

I sure don't. In court, any judge is going to chew you up and spit you out..good luck, anyway.

to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1118483

While I agree that the OP is behaving immaturely, the people running this website have no clue what they are doing as Upset at Denny's has stated. They allow cyber bullying of disabled people, homophobic posts, racial slurs towards blacks.

They delete comments telling the people making racial comments, harassing the disabled and cyber bullying. Some people have reported the site to FCC, one even reported it to the police because the site allowed cyber bullying, racial slurs, and homophobic posts, hate speech. While there is freedom of speech hate speech involving homophobia, racial discrimination and cyber bullying of people with disabilities are not allowed, and if the FCC, police see this site for what it is it can be shut down. They keep banning and deleting posts telling these people their hate speech is wrong, but we won't give up until everyone knows what this unprofessional site is all about.

Once they found out that this claim was false they should have deleted the review, but they don't do that and Tricia Wurster's name is there for everyone to see. In other words this site allows libel, and can be sued for it. Hopefully a lawsuit will straighten this site up, that is if it does not shut down. I am not going to name any names, but there is a particular poster that either is friends with the admin, or works for the admin who continues to make libel posts, who impersonates other members, who harasses and bullies disabled people, who makes racist and homophobic posts.

One more thing I may add I don't think the OP is apologizing because she wants, but because she is being threatened with legal action and she is immature as you say. I myself am 14 and a lot more mature than her, I can see the immaturity in her behaviour.

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