My daughter left an Rx on Tuesday and was told the had to order the med. She was in pain and needed it but said ok.

I went to pick it up on Thursday and was told the generic was available on Tuesday. No one at that pharmacy knows what is going on. I take 14 medications I've been going there for 9 years last month my dr increased the dosage on a medication and sent it direct to the pharmacy. When I went to get it the girl told me they did not fill the new instructions because the had refilled my old prescription and it was ready for pick up.

I had to tell her to cancel the old Rx and fill the new one really? This was my last time I have moved all my stuff.

My other daughter use to go there to until she was given the wrong medicine in place of hers she brought it to their attention never received a phone call or apology she has moved her stuff as well. I do not like WalMart but I have no choice their pharmacy is staffed and efficient this is ridiculous you are to big a company you need to invest some money into good pharmacy people my medicine was not cheap you lost several hundred dollars when I moved my stuff.

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John, you are a pig, calling a grown woman a girl when you yourself act like you are in the third grade, if she has a job she is a woman not a girl. Also perhaps they are purposely messing up your medication because they think you are using it to get high.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #822901

Actually I am really ashamed of this but my daughter was on pain killers because I got angry at her and broke her arm.

Dallas, Texas, United States #822875

I did not intend to be anonymous my name is John bunyard I have gone to this target for 9 years they use to have excellent employees

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