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I dropped off a new prescription for my wife. The pharmacy clerk at the York, PA asked for her birthday which I provided except for year.

When I returned 2 days later, the script had not been filled. It seems said clerk decided I was uncooperative. He had decided that I was overhead while he was profit. I took my script and business elsewhere.

They advertise as having excellent service, but apparently allow $8 per hour clerks determine their actual customer service and future business.

Needless to say, I shall not return. If that is how a person is handled, imagine what is being done with the drugs used to fill prescriptions.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Maybe you should have provided your wife's birth year too.

Shame on this pharmacy for failing to fill your wife's prescription. I have not heard of an accusation like the one made to you, but if Target had no intention of filling her prescription, the least Target could have to maintain its reputability is have a manager call and let you know a problem existed (however unfounded it was).

Just another example of reasons to stay from Target altogether! :(

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