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I used to work at the Target located in east plano off central expressway, there was a manager named Tuan. Tuan is a pharmacy manager who hired me.

Tuan who was married to a woman 4 times his size and could easily kill him by simply sitting on his face. Well, let me tell you what that dirty little f*gg*t used to do. He kept asking me if I wanted to go out with him to have coffee and I graciously declined, then he started to get p*ssed at me for not wanting to go out with him.

I thought why would a straight married guy want to go out with an employee so bad? The problem I had with this situation is, that I didn't have the educational background to be his friend, college graduates generally don't make friends that are bellow them career wise. I don't get why this manager was so interested in me if he was straight. Well he started harrassing me and he would go upstairs to the offices and b*tch about my work everyday to the store manager. So Tuan would brush his hand angainst my a*s and he would look at me to see what my reaction would be. Then he would pull me into the pharmacist office and tell me that people have been complaining that I was rude, he claimed that I was not talking to the patients.

I did'nt realize I was hired to be a g*d d*mn counsilor, I thought I was hired to fill prescriptions. Then the other pharmacist who was an ungreatfull B*TCH, kept complaining that she felt that she was doing everything. I was running the g*d d*mn register and taking new prescriptions. That b*tch would have prescriptions dating back 6 months that she never bothered to file. I tried to file a quarter of that stack everyday to eventually get everything cought up, but everyday we got more and more prescriptions and it seemed like I could never get caught up. I thought well, I am going to spend all day filing prescriptions and I almost finished that day. I told the pharmacist that I was almost done filing all the prescriptions and she says: "but they are not done". I wanted to say: "listen you ungreatfull b*tch, I just filed six months worth of prescriptions that you never bothered to file."

Then her and the manager told me that there was a whole bunch of prescriptions that were missing from the files, and I needed to find out what happened to the missing prescriptions. So not only do I have to manually go into the computer and research the missing RX's I have to run the register and try to fax the doctors for refills. I told the pharmacist that we need another computer so we can do our work more effeciently. Let me tell you what those pharmacist think, they think everytime they have to make a business expense like buy a new computer, that cuts into their bonus. That is why they try to run the business on the least amount of help. Make a long story short, eventually they fired me and hired one of the technicians family members to work in the pharmacy.

She quit not long after she got hired. When I was being terminated the manager said that he thinks that I am a great person, but when I got upset and left the office they both started laughing at me. Later when I calmed down I went back for my Pharmacy Technician licence and took my licence out of the ugly frame they put it in, then the b*tch pharmacist says don't be a stranger now. The whole time you could tell that the b*tch wanted to laugh at me but was trying to stop herself from laughing. So let's recap what happened. The pharmacy manager is a f*g and sexually harrased me, I was verbally abused by one of the technicians and management did nothing about it, then the b*tch pharmacist was bad mouthing me behind my back.

They all had a get together and were making fun of me and b*tching about me behind my back, I know this because one of the girls who worked with me attended one of their after work get togethers. She implicated to me that they were talking about letting me go, but she wasn't sopposed to tell me about their plan or even what happened in their get togethers. So, in short it was like thier little satanic meeting. I didn't believe her at first but eventally found out that what she said was true.

The next day I wanted to talk to mangement about what happened to me in the pharmacy and the sl*t that worked there said that it just did'nt work out for me in the pharmacy, I tried to resumerize what I had just told her and she said the good thing about getting fired now is that you can work at any Target you want. While she was talking to me her breath smelled like c*m and she even had some c*m on the side of her mouth. So, apparently she had just finished sucking off the manager right before I came to the office. So don't work for pharmacy, Pharmacists are sh*t and don't deserve the help they get.

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What the F**k is wrong with you anonymous # 1 . It is a complaint about the entire pharmacy? Judging by your comment you obviously didn't go to college or you are a dumb high school student. Did you not read about the Pharmacy manager brushing his hand against my a*s?

Did you read the part about the other Pharmacist not filing prescriptions at the end of the day, by state law all Prescriptions must be filed in numerical order. No, you missed all those parts because you wanted to read stuff like: "my husband died because of Target Pharmacy" or "I have been taking birth control pills and my b*lls shrank to the size of marbles." Your asanine comment tells me that you have the attention span of a freaking squiril.

Which that reminds me, now that I remember, the Pharmacy staff used to sell the wrong prescriptions to people all the time, and one lady almost gave a dose to her husband that could have killed him, fortunately the customer called the doctor to check if the instructions were correct. I don't know if she ever sued Target Pharmacy or not, are you following me or did I loose you to fantasy land already.


what the *** is wrong with you?

Is this even a complaint?

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