Despite slick adverstising, I've decided Target sucks.Told at check-out that no dogs are allowed in store (dog in carrier, weighs 6 pounds).

I understand that stores with so called eating establishments don't allow dogs due to health laws? Give it a break. A dog in a carrier does not pose a health threat. Ignorance is sad.

Dogs go everywhere in Europe, I am obviously living in the backwoods. Perhaps one of the 5 sales assistants I passed on the way to check-out could have spread the word? I've spent my last dollar at Target.

I can easily do without their services.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Another "little dog" person who thinks they can disregard rules and take their precious pooch everywhere. It's a health code law! Leave Precious at home next time.


Leave your pet at home!


I work at a target abd we don't allow dogs in because of health codes. If a district manager shoes up and sees one the store could get shut down. Just because you have a carrier doesn't mean that you'd keep it in there the whole time.


Are you for real right now? It goes without say that you don't bring your dumb dog to public stores, especially stores that sell food. If you feel so intent on bringing your dog out in public, go to Petsmart or something.


You are in the WRONG! Target has every right to not allow non-service dogs into the store!

The number 1 reason is not a health concern it's a customer concern, NOT EVERYONE LIKES DOGS. Matter of fact many people are terrified of them.

The easiest solution is not to allow non-service dogs. I would never think of bringing my dog into any establishment without knowing their stance on it.


Why did you feel the need to bring your dog to target in the first place? I too have a six pound dog, but I leave her at home when I shop.

With the exception of legitimate service animals, dogs do not belong in stores like target or walmart.

If you can't stand to be separated from your dog for a couple of hours while you pick up some groceries, then maybe you (and your dog) should go see a therapist. By the way, this isn't Europe, so it really doesn't matter what they do in Europe.

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