Target should not sell pet products if they do not support pets in their stores. I for one will not purchase any pet products from them, i will give my support ti the retailers that do allow you to bring your dog shopping in their establishments. Way to gi Nordstrom Macys, Lowes, Home Depot, Merrick Park, Petsmart, Pet Supermarket etc......

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have two little dogs that I adore, but for God's sake, I don't want to take them everywhere I go! There are laws that protect people's health concerning pets and grocery stores for a reason!

You're not special .

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Unless it's a service dog, they shouldn't be allowed in grocery stores. That's what Target is- a grocery store.

I don't understand why you're complaining about Target.

There are tons of reasons why they don't allow pets in the store. Health is one reason.


Yeah no offense but I definitely don't want your disgusting, dirty old mutt in my grocery cart where my food goes. Leave the thing at home where it belongs.


Target is also a grocery store. Pets aren't aloud for heath reasons. Sorry, I don't want your dog anywhere near my next potential meal, thanks.

Melbourne, Florida, United States #921169

Of course Pet Supermarket and Petsmart allow dogs in their store. Target however does not and for good reason.

I am surprised Macy's allows you in the door with your dog. Leave the pet at home.


They also sell toilet paper but don't allow people to *** in the aisles.

to Anonymous Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada #921775

You are right, also note that Target also sells condoms, but they don't allow you to go around making love in the middle of the pharmacy aisle.


Only service dogs should be allowed in stores.Why should I have to suffer an allergic reaction because you can not leave fido at home?


My opinion is that no store, other than pet stores, should allow pets in the store. The only dogs that should be allowed in other than pet stores are the verified service dogs.

I don't know anybody that wants to see pets in department stores, grocery stores, etc. If your dog can't stay home alone for a little while, maybe you should get a dog sitter.

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