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So recently I had gone to my local target to pick up a few items. I was in the store for less than 30 minutes. After completing my shopping I discover a large dent in the side of my drivers door. This is not some pos car that I had driven to target, its my volkswagen suv that has less than 25k miles on the odometer.

I go to customer service, looking for assistance. They tell me that I cannot see the video of the parking lot without a police report (I'm actually a police officer). So I call the local police department and wait outside...short time later customer service kid comes back out to me and says that a cart hit my car and we don't need the police, target will take care of it.

Incident is reported....paper work and such is filed with the store which then gets turned over to Sedgwick. Sedgwick is a company which handles targets insurance claims and decisions of liability. Kyle gets assigned to my case. Over the course of a month and a half very little communication is made to me, in regards to updates with my claim etc.

Today, finally I am able to get a hold of Kyle only to have him tell me that target did nothing wrong and that they would not be paying for any damage to my vehicle.

Well, target while I get that you dont claim responsibility for damage caused by carts- you could have expedited the process a little faster than a month and a half. I could have had my car fixed already if not through a comprehensive claim with my own insurance but even paying cash.

I go out of my way to shop at target, I used to believe that the products were of better quality, that they treat their employees better and the general atsmosphere is better than its competitors. However, since this most recent experience and the lack of professionalism and disrespect that target has for its customers I will be shopping elsewhere. Though I am sure they will not, Target should be ashamed for the way in which they handled this case.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Haven't you noticed the signs posted in the parking lots of Targets and almost EVERY major supermarket/department store? "We are not responsible for any damage caused by carts or other vehicles.".

By parking in their lot, you accept these terms. A cop would definitely know this.

to Anonymous #1177574

Not true. Target has signs in parking lot, "Video Surveillance in Progress".

This was verified by store manager. Therefore, any incidents in the parking lot with carriages vs. cars or people can be reviewed. Aiming a dozen or more stacked carts at the "Guest's" vehicle, while guest is at a complete stop, is a frightening experience.

The fact that it could have been done on purpose to "create a claim scenario like an act of God" so as to "hustle" or "mess with" the driver .... oh ....

perhaps in one of many attempts to "ruin this person's reputation because it's fun" is even more disturbing. The quoted text are REAL statements.

Markham, Ontario, Canada #993252

You do know that posing as a police officer is a criminal offense right. There is no way you are a police officer with spelling and grammar as terrible as yours.


IF you think this is the Target web site, you are sadly mistaken. Not very astute for an alleged police officer, is it? You are on a general complaint site.

to Anonymous #990139

I know its not Targets website. Thanks for the tip

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