I purchased a Laptop/Netbook from Target online on 9/24/2012. I decided I wasn't using it so I carefully repackaged the laptop in the exact same condition in which I received it when it was shipped to me. I returned it to a nearby Target store on 10/2/2012. I had paid for the laptop using my debit card from my bank plus the remainder I put on a gift card from Target which I had. I used 100% of the balance of the gift card. The laptop cost $210.00. On top of that, Target charged both sales tax And shipping cost. I had no problem with that. The total came to $232.12.

When I returned the Laptop/netbook to the store, I didn't like the way they figured my refund! They Flatly Refused to refund me in Cash. Instead, they credited my Debit card the exact amount that they had previously debited From my checking account. The Problem arose when they removed $9.52 from the value of my Target Gift Card! I originally had had $67.47 on the gift card and they gave me Another Target Gift Card in the amount of $57.95. I did Not receive back the shipping cost...that was Gone, Poof, Nada!!!

When I originally bought the Laptop/Netbook online, I Thought I was paying $8.98 for Shipping, but it turns out they Charged me $9.52 in Shipping Costs! That Was NEVER REVEALED TO ME ANYWHERE ON THE TRANSACTION PAGE!!! They Just "Slipped it In" with me Unaware!!!

But here's the Sneaky Part: It turns out that TARGET.COM CHARGES ITS CUSTOMERS TAX ON THE SHIPPING AMOUNT!!! Can You Believe That???? I Have Never Ever Heard of Such a Thing!! I have bought many many things online and Not ONCE have I Ever Had to Pay Tax on the Shipping Amount!!

I Am Very Interested If Anyone Else Has Ever Run Into This Problem??

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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They paid to ship the laptop to you. Why should they eat that cost because you have buyer's remorse? Most online companies do not refund shipping as that money is gone from them as well.


target is in business to make money, no allow you to test out a computer. You are at fault with buyer remorse and all you did was take it for a test ride.

Good luck on your ***.

I am sure they will miss you as a customer. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!


I just looked in 3-4 catalogs that I have, which I order from every now and then, and they all add the sales tax on after the shipping and handling has been added on. Even Schwan's Frozen Foods adds the tax on after the delivery charge has been figured on.

My Schwan's man doesn't think it is right, but most businesses do that.

Oh yes! Avon does it too.

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