I will never ever buy anything from Target again! Got my Target Redcard, and signed up online, filling in all the security questions etc. The next time is tried to login, it said the email/password is invalid and presented me with 5 questions - one of them was "Enter a Zip Code (or postal code) from where you have had an order shipped". I have had the card for just over a month and NEVER shipped and order FROM anywhere. The site would not let me proceed further. Called Customer Service and the lady says "Create Another account" because she can't reset the password if ANY of the security questions is unavailable.

I can't spend 25 mins to re-create my online account, everytime I forget a password!

Get this - Target does not have a direct phone number for customers to call in and CANCEL their credit card. They can only Transfer the call i.e. make you listen to horrible elevator music for half-hour (probably hoping that you will get frustrated and hang up). Finally, got through and cancelled the credit card!

The last words of the Customer Service rep was -- "We hope you will continue to shop at Target". Yeah! Right!

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #582374

Buyer beware if you use Target online.

I have had horrible results with them. First time was ordering a Halloween costume for my daughter that I couldn't find in the stores. They let me order it and then several days later let me know that it was out of stock and expected delivery was after Halloween. I was able to cancel the order.

Second time was Christmas shopping. We ordered 4 items and only received 2. After receiving a confirmation email on December 5th that everything had been delivered, I called them immediately. They told me the last two items had not shipped and that they should be delivered by the 14th. I called last night since we had still not received the items. Come to find out, they had marked the items as "missing" since I called on the 5th and were just hoping that they would somehow magically arrive at my door. So the first time I called, they just flat out lied to me. So, after much arguing, I had to provide a tracking number for the items they shipped to me. They said they could issue me a refund but only in the form of an electronic gift card to Target because I had used Paypal and they could not issue a refund back to my account. On a positive note, I have received the electronic gift card and it is supposed to be good in there actual stores as well. To top it all off, the customer service person was rude and talked over the top of me. I will not be shopping there again!


I called Target because the boots for my son that we had been waiting for for a week, turned out to be men's slippers. Turns out they stuffed the wrong package.

Not our fault, theirs.

They said I'd have to send them back and they wouldn't ship the boots to us until they got the slippers back. I told them to just cancel the order entirely, that'll teach me to try to save $15 when I can buy them locally.


I have had nothing but bad luck with products that I have bought in store and online. Bought a 40" flat screen and it would not turn on had to return it.

Bought a tv stand when I had it almost together found a big crack right in the top center. Purchased a rug paid through pay pal would not take return at store had to ship it back to only get a target gift card so I had to spend it there. Bought a outside love seat for my yard got it all unpacked from the box to find that one of the legs was bent, now I have to wait 7 to 10 days to replace.

I will never shop at Target online or in store anymore. There products are not of great quality....Disappointed....


Tried Target online to check pricing before driving 15 miles to store. They only give online pricing.

Tried to email a complaint and the link will not connect. Walmart is half the distance but I hate them too.

Will shop at Belk. It's worth the extra few dollars.


I went to place an order on line that cost $51.99 and it stated that free shipping for all items over $50 but when I went to place my oder a $14.62 shipping charge was addeded when I callled target.com I was advised that the free shippiong was on selected items and no one would do anything but say sorry about that we cannot help you. Target Sucks royaly and I will never shop there again.


Simple solution, don't forget your password.

Not being able to access your account with incomplete information is a very good thing. This helps protect YOU, the customer from fraud.

If you wish to shop from an online store with lackluster security, that is your prerogative. However, don't come crying when your account has been charged for unauthorized purchases.


what a great reason to never shop at target again!

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