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ATTENTION ALL TARGET DEPARTMENT STORE CONSUMERS, SHOP AT YOUR OWN RISK! I ordered the Lionel Polar Express train set for our 7 year old grandson from Target on November 4th, 2012.

The train WAS supposed to be his one and only present from Santa Claus. As I opened the box tonight to wrap it for Christmas morning I was horrified! Target online sent a frilly adult quilt instead of a toy train set! I will NEVER EVER shop Target again!!!

I spent all day calling various department stores, hobby shops, etc. to see if I could find one at the last minute but, of course, by now every store has run out of the train set!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Perhaps your boy would have preferred an adult frilly quilt over a train. If it was from Santa, and Santa knows best, then give him the quilt and thank Target.

Biloxi, Mississippi, United States #585887

Man alive alivin' - South Dakota is a real grinch!!! I guess Anonymous grew up so da*n fast that they don't care about Christmas or the predicament Target put you in.

It's your fault that Target sent the wrong product and you trusted Target to deliver what you contracted with them to send.

Ho, Ho, Ho in South Dakota:

Some of us know better than to try and reason with your compassion. The rest of us know better than to ever go to Target for any reason again.

Rapid City, South Dakota, United States #585769

You should have been able to tell that the package didn't contain a train by moving it around as you moved the box around in your house------but when you receive a package, don't you open it and check immediately? Basically this was your fault for not checking the package as soon as you received it.

Also it sounds to me like it is more your Christmas that is going to be ruined because you won't be able to give your grandson what you want to give him. Just because that might be what he wanted, UNLESS YOU TOLD HIM THAT IS WHAT HE WAS GETTING, he won't be disappointed.

I think it is time for Grandma to grow up.

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