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I had ordered a 30 pics collage for a friend's birthday surprise. When I uploaded the pic, the site did not mention anywhere that all the pics will not fit in this collage. After getting imagine my surprise that 12 pics were missing!

I mailed the customer service and they said to return the consignment & they will reimburse. Of course mailing cost me 3.14 postage. Target very conveniently apologized and said they cannot take care of this expense!

I will never ever refer anyone to shop The site is pathetic! Customer Service is worse too.

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I second your statements. Target is horrible.

Anyone that deals with them is setting themselves up for disappointment.
I am truly sorry that you had a bad experience there, but at least you know to never go there again.
Between you and the friends at the party, I know word has gotten out - Target is not a company who will work to help you.

Stay away from them! :roll

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