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Whatever you do, do not shop at Target or especially Target.com they have stolen $600.00 from me for an item they supposedly sent to me but I never received and now they will Not refund me because I have no proof I didn't receive it and the shipper UPS said they did deliver it. So they get away with stealing my money because whenever I call them they say there is nothing they can do and refuse to give me any help!

I have even hand wrote a letter and mailed it to the executives of corporate in hopes they could do something, like use the insurance every company has these days to help me get my item or money back but they ignore me and are no help!

so go to any company or shop other then target! I'm not a fan of Walmart but rather go there then deal with Target ever again!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #917318

Please disregard this review, I just found out that I received the item but my husband was the one at home when the item arrived and he forgot to tell me that the item arrived and I just found out today even though I received it four days ago.

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